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West Virginians Want Reproductive Freedom & Health Care

West Virginians' reproductive freedom and our ability to make personal health care decisions have been taken away by state politicians in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade's overturn by the US Supreme Court. They are dragging us backwards. Our people are hurting. Making abortion illegal in West Virginia contributes to poorer and unfair health outcomes, lower workforce participation and educational attainment.  We may have different personal views on the issue of abortion, but we stand united in saying that the government doesn't belong in our private decisions about our health and lives. Multiple states across the country, from 'red' to 'blue' to 'purple' have put the issue of abortion access on the ballot. It's past time to give the people of West Virginia a voice. West Virginians of all political stripes want to decide on this critical issue, from Republicans to Democrats, Libertarians, to Independents. West Virginia lawmakers opposed to direct ballot access on this issue are playing politics with our people's health and lives. These same legislators have shown willingness to let voters decide on economic, educational, and, yes, church issues, as recently as 2022. In 2018, many of these same politicians placed Amendment 1 on the ballot, which removed the right to abortion from West Virginia's Constitution. That amendment passed by 3 percentage points. These are different times, and it is critical that our elected officials demonstrate the leadership to let the voters decide this issue in this vastly changed reproductive health landscape following the attack on our basic health and freedom.

Margaret Chapman Pomponio
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Petition to Kevin Cramer, North Dakota State House, North Dakota State Senate, John Hoeven, Doug Burgum, Kevin Cramer, Kelly Armstrong

North Dakota: Repeal abortion trigger laws immediately!

With the recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade by The United States Supreme Court the women and other respective birthing persons of North Dakota are in serious danger! Do to the fact that federally abortion is no longer a protected practice, two trigger laws are being inacted as of July 28, 2022. The first being: House Bill 1466, signed into law by former Governor John Hoeven in 2007, bans abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, or saving the mother’s life. Under the statute, a physician who performs an abortion could be charged with a Class C felony. A second law bans the dismembering of a living unborn child, also known as the dilation and evacuation abortion method, except in the circumstance of a medical emergency. This stems from House Bill 1546, which Gov. Doug Burgum signed in 2019. (Source: Restricting access to abortion is dangerous as we have learned from our Elders in Pre-Roe times. The circumstances on what is considered a "medical emergency" has always been a gray area that has put a great many in harms way. In addition having to prove the validity in a case of rape or incest to be provided access to abortion puts a great deal of unnecessary trauma and burden on victims and families alike.  GATE KEEPING ABORTION IS GATE KEEPING HEALTH CARE. We demand the state of North Dakota repeals these trigger laws to protect all state wide from not only potentially losing their own lives but losing the lives of the ones they love. The right to abortion is between a person and their doctor no one else!    

Brittany St Vincent
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Enact Abortion Protection Law in Orleans Parish

To Orleans Parish City Councilmembers: Roe v. Wade being overturned is a step backward for civil rights in America. People who can become pregnant deserve autonomy over our bodies. We deserve this human right. We deserve equality with men, and as of June 24, 2022, we no longer have it. This petition has been written and signed to implore you to enact legislation immediately that would protect Orleans Parish citizens' bodily autonomy, control over our private medical decisions, and access to safe and legal abortion. The City of Austin is enacting a law that protects these rights. You can see their version here: You have already taken steps to deprioritize abortion investigations, which we applaud. And Mayor Cantrell and District Attorney Williams both acknowledge that the trigger law that Governor Edwards recently signed is not the right direction for this city. Now is the time to add proactive protections for Orleans parish residents. The city of New Orleans is known for being an inclusive place, a principle of increasing value in this divisive political climate. You have the power to send a message to the nation that New Orleans leads by remaining the welcoming city it has always been, that New Orleans stands up for the rights of its people, regardless of gender or anatomy, that New Orleans values and protects each and every one of its citizens. The cities of Denton, Texas, San Antonio, and Atlanta are taking action to pass laws like this one. Please act now—follow their example by taking up this mantle of leadership. Show the people of Orleans Parish that we are all equally valued and protected by this city. Show America that New Orleans stands on the right side of history.

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