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Renew ABC's "The Crossing" For Season 2!

The Crossing was a television series like many other to receive "the axe" after one season for the most unnecessary of reasons. The show is popular and has a dedicated fan base, it had a compelling deep story and rich environment. The show presented much more than 90% of modern television series can offer. It looked and felt different and has a unique perspective on humanity and our path. I believe the show had a lot to say to teach and to offer humanity in the ways of our current and future political climate, environmental and military actions and outcomes. It dealt with family and marriage and delved deeply into medicine and biological, technological and environmental research that is and will be very similar to what may or may not be already happening in our lifetime. It was just getting started to show us a future where our strive for "perfection" becomes our downfall. It had the opportunity for great moments of struggle and triumph and where people of all religion and nationality band together to survive and move forward. Why make tv shows and not sample them? Why broadcast them and go live, full on official showing if only to end people’s careers and takeaway our entertainment after one go of it? Why? I feel extremely sorry for the actresses and actor’s careers who might now be over for good or who might be struggling due to great series being cancelled. I only hope they can find jobs in their field after having two or more shows get cancelled that they starred in. Please help me sign this petition and don’t let their choices or efforts of being original and humble go in vein. They choose to work for great shows with amazing plots and they aren’t sellouts like the rest of Hollywood. These people are genuine and choose to work on shows with wholesome ideologies and views and we need more of that in our world desperately and the worlds not big enough to go cancelling all these amazing shows before they have a chance to really get started. It should be mandatory that every single show signed for every network gets two seasons before determining their fate. 1 season for any show is never ever nearly enough to prove its worth. No one in the history of the world reads 1 chapter of a book and assumes to really know the answers of the story and whether or not they like it. Absolute insanity and greed is what causes great shows to be cancelled, not because they are/aren’t making money or reaching the right amount of views. But instead because the elitist agenda doesn’t fit in the narrative of the show, and the powers that be would rather you dull your brain to more drama and messages of oversexualization, propaganda and ridiculous societal situations. Rather than get a legitimate story that is purely what it should be a fictional show without the sticky fingers of a democrat or republican, a liberal or a conservative. Gone are the days where a show is its own world its own story and sticks to it without all of the modern garbage. A science fiction or adventure that holds to its story and plot and doesn't go off base with unnecessary character moments or things that are too specific in our individual lives or on a larger scale if it never truly furthers the actual story. Not to mention shows that can be meaningful to our existence or provide metaphors for how we live our lives and become better people. God forbid a show like that exists today. R.I.P terra nova, minority report, apb and so many more.

Bryon Gerira
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Petition to ABC, Marvel, The Walt Disney Company, Jeph Loeb, Channing Dungey

Release the pilot episode of Marvel's Most Wanted

In the fall of 2014 two characters were introduced to the popular ABC show, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD which was just entering its second season. These two characters were Bobbi Morse played by Adrianne Palicki and Lance Hunter played by Nick Blood. There was just something about these characters that made people absolutely fall in love with them.  By April 2015 a spin-off series for the two characters was in development. Though on April 7 2015 ABC decided not to continue perusing the spin-off for the 2015-2016 TV season. Palicki and Blood returned as series regulars in Agents of SHIELD's third season.  In August 2015 the idea of a spin-off surrounding Morse and Hunter was brought up again, now with the title Marvel's Most Wanted. ABC ordered a pilot episode for this newly reworked spin-off. Hunter and Morse continued as main characters on Agents of SHIELD until March 2016. Agents of SHIELD season 3 episode 13 titled 'Parting Shot' aired on March 22, 2016. This episode was centered around Palicki and Blood's characters, with the intent of setting up Marvel's Most Wanted. The episode ended with an emotional scene that sent Morse and Hunter off in a well deserved way. Production of the Marvel's Most Wanted pilot began in early 2016. By the spring of 2016 many fans patiently awaited the news on weather or not ABC would decide to move forward with the spin-off. Unfortunately the news was not what fans had hoped for, on May 12, 2016 ABC announced that they were not going to be moving forward with the series Marvel's Most Wanted. This left many fans feeling like they had to say goodbye to their favorite characters for no clear reason. After an episode as devastating as 'Parting Shot' many fans only hope for the return of Morse and Hunter was the spin-off. They were left asking the question of what happened in the Marvel's Most Wanted pilot episode? Some still asking it to this very day. For over a year Agents of SHIELD fans have been constantly wondering about the content of this TV pilot. During a recent Reddit AMA Adrianne Palicki said "I hope they release the pilot. I saw it and loved it." Why should the fans that made this pilot episode possible be denied the opportunity to find out what might have been. There are many possible platforms to release the pilot episode on such as: iTunes, or a similar service. In the past this is worked fantastically for shows that networks have decided not to move forward with. For example the 2006 Aquaman pilot was released on iTunes and quickly became the most purchased TV show on iTunes.  Fans deserve to know what happened to our favorite characters after they stepped out of the bar. Questions have been swirling around the heads of fans for over a year, and it's about time they get a bit of closure. It would give them an opportunity to have another look into the lives of the characters they love so dearly. Fans dedication to the characters and the idea that Marvels Most Wanted was built upon is what made it possible for the pilot to be produced. Its only right that the loyal fans of these characters are granted that chance. 

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