Stop Plaasmoorde genocide in South Africa, reverse genocide in Zimbabwe
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US Congress, NATO, Vladimir Putin, Arab League, World Court

Stop Plaasmoorde genocide in South Africa, reverse genocide in Zimbabwe

    1. Scott  Davis
    2. Petition by

      Scott Davis

      Edgmont, PA

The Plaasmoorde (Farm Slayings) of white South Africans

who dwell in rural areas of South Africa, must stop immediately.

.The numbers of deaths resulting from this tragedy -

if extrapolated to a country the size of the United States -

would amount to hundreds of thousands of 

the most brutal, barbaric and dehumanizingly cruel,

torture-filled deaths - accompanied by the full range of

gruesome and predatory criminal behavior.

Shockingly, Government in Zimbabwe and South Africa

has CONDONED and abetted these killings... for 

decades!    The brazen agenda has been to

drive white landowners off their land and to

grab the land for others who have always mismanaged

their ill-gotten gains; thus driving Africa and the world

toward the edge of starvation. The triumph of these

ill-conceived notions of how to run farms and economies

has never resulted in any good in all the time these false

economic models have been tried in Africa, and it is time

to lay such gruesome experiments to rest.

The conscience of the world has been

shamefully silent and complicit for a long time

on this issue, and it is about time some REAL

world leaders in America, Europe, Africa and

everywhere else; demand the formation of a 

Truth Commission to investigate and expose

the new apartheid and the new injustices,

which are far worse than the old injustices

during the days of formal apartheid.

Affirmative Action is nothing but racism and

preferential treatment for some which greatly

harms others, impoverishes others, and has

been a sideline of genocide in South Africa,

and all world diplomats should treat the diplomats

of South Africa and Zimbabwe as persona non grata

until Affirmative Action programs in these two countries

are abolished and the victims of these unfair and

destructive programs are fairly compensated.  

Now is the time for the International Court of Justice

to summon Robert Mugabe and other genocidalists

in Zimbabwe, South Africa and other nations

to answer for their crimes.

The victims of these genocidal, brutal, cruel actions -

many of them children - should be compensated generously 

as should the families who are survivors of plaasmoorde

and other regime-instigated slaughters throughout South Africa -

and the perpetrators must be brought to justice diligently and

without fail,  in a way which sends the clear message that

this violent nation-destroying behavior will not continue furthermore. 

December 28, 2012

Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

US Congress, NATO, Vladimir Putin, Arab League, World Court
Stop Plaasmoorde genocide in South Africa, reverse genocide in Zimbabwe

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    1. 750 signatures reached, May 20, 2013, after days of throttling.

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      The right to self-defense is paramount. Without it, there are no other rights.
      Has someone "disarmed" you, or taken your right to own a weapon?
      Really, if you are RESOURCEFUL, and if you communicate honestly
      with your loved ones about the actual and realistic needs of self-defense,
      you can never be disarmed, even if you are tricked into giving up your weapons or told that you have no right to own weapons.
      As an article in American Rifleman states: If you find yourself suddenly
      under attack, and you are in your car, "YOUR CAR IS YOUR WEAPON."
      Set up a sentry system with NEIGHBORS. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.
      If you see intruders menacing your home or property, CALL your neighbor first, give a description then send them an all-clear later.
      Every object in your home is a potential defensive weapon. If attacked at night, turn out or disable the lights.
      Conduct weekly drills with your family.
      See South Africa Report/Suid-Afrika Rapporteer; JOIN the group.

      US Congress, NATO, Vladimir Putin, Arab League, World Court: Stop Plaasmoorde genocide in South Africa, reverse genocide in Zimbabwe

      The Plaasmoorde (Farm Slayings) of white South Africans who dwell in rural areas of South Africa, must stop immediately. .The numbers of deaths...

    2. Reached 750 signatures

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      We are at 200, on our way up to 300 members, on the Facebook groups South Africa Report/Suid-Afrika Rapporteer. 729 signatures
      on this petition too right now, nearly one-third of the way through May.

      Ivan Gavrilovic - 200 na sat

      █▬█ █ ▀█▀

    4. 724 Signatures! (Let's work on this 7 days per week, 24 hours per day!)

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer
      South Africa Truth

      South Africa is a hell hole in 2012 and in a worst condition after apartheid due to the current corrupt ANC government ruling South Africa into destruction. A country where there is a declared white genocide and general crime, robberies, rapes, murders rates that is now one of the highest in the world, that are haunting all good people in RSA of all races .

    5. 700 Signatures in 121 days, as of April 28, 2013, 10:15 South Africa Time!

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      To herald this milestone of 700 signatures, we will try
      Emitt Rhodes, from Huntingdon Beach, California (the
      town that gave its last name to the Beach Boys) has a
      very pointed message for the ANC and for the
      racists around the world who fail to see their
      own hypocrisy ensconced within their violent
      ways. Another good way to celebrate the
      "great seventh number" is
      This petition has survived the wave of
      throttling that seems to have taken down
      so many other petitions for peace and
      justice around the world.
      Don't believe those who
      tell you the opposite.
      God bless all the good
      people of South Africa.

      Emitt Rhodes - You Should Be Ashamed

      track 10 from "Emitt Rhodes", 1970.

    6. 567 Signatures! March 26, 2013.See if you can connect that with this song!

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      We don't ask for your money....JUST YOUR SHARING AND CARING AND DARING - and PLENTY MORE SIGNATURES!<>

      The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money (Abbey Road)

      Abbey Road is the 11th studio album released by the English rock band The Beatles.


      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      On March 20 - 21, 2013, the number of signatures on this petition
      more than doubled - from the previous 258 on March 19, to 526
      at the end of March 21. Two unthrottled days in a row, in which 267
      new signatures were added, shows that despite the repeated
      efforts to stop this petition, WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED.
      Here's a special treat to celebrate this milestone of surpassing 500: the Barbara Streisand of South Africa, Zona Visser <>
      as irrepressible and startling as the truth itself.
      Apartheid was officially described by the South African Government during the mid-20th century as "separate development of the races." The key word here is DEVELOPMENT. Where is DEVELOPMENT seen in South Africa today, unless it is stuck in reverse gear - or defined by the lining of pockets and the grabbing of ill-gotten gains! The new apartheid, Zumapartheid, is "separate devaluation of the races." (Find the full comment above, in "Reasons For Signing".)

      Zona Visser - I Shiver, I Shudder and I Shake This 1960s South African star made a name for herself throughout Europe and the Far East. Zona's Scrapbook documents her life as a performer through various interviews and commentaries made in many South African newspapers and magazines. Zona had many fabulous Recordings.

    8. Reached 500 signatures
    9. 250 Signatures - 3-13-13 (3 AM South Africa time)

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      CRIME: Double Parking. PENALTY: Death..
      This is the face of the new South Africa, the
      new democratic South Africa.
      This shows the result of incompetence run rampant
      and set upon the altar.
      We are working toward peaceful, moral, humane and
      intelligent solutions toward this problem of misrule, on
      the facebook group "South Africa Report/Suid Afrika Rapporteer".<>
      And we will continue. The true South Africa will rise again.

      South African police drag handcuffed man behind van

      Police in South Africa have come under fire again after mobile phone footage emerged of a group of officers tying a Mozambican taxi driver they had arrested to a police van and dragging him along a road. The Telegraph's South Africa correspondent Aislinn Laing reports.

    10. Reached 250 signatures
    11. 200 Signatures reached, February 14, 2013

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      Racism on the other side of the coin is still racism Here's a strong statement to counteract the racist nonsense of ugly Mfundo Dlungwane and not nice Nceba Sodo, who need some repentance - and let us keep in mind the complete irresponsibility and dishonesty of certain people in Government; not only in South Africa, but in all countries which have similar problems. <>

    12. Reached 200 signatures
    13. Correct link for the FLAME.

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      <> will give you the FLAME!
      The other link was apparently taken down.

      see the light - the Flame

      See the light .An early 70s band by the name the Flame.A great one hit wonder from, beatlesque orientated band.

    14. 150 signatures, 1:30 PM London time, January 24, 2013.

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      This should call for a South African salute from the Flame: <> In the photograph you can see Steve and Edries Fataar, Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar. Edries is nicknamed Brother, and in fact the band had three brothers plus Blondie Chaplin at the time the song was recorded. See if you can get the world to SEE THE LIGHT! Best rock song ever recorded.

    15. 100 ! January 15, 2013, 5:30 PM South Africa time!

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      To celebrate amidst the harsh circumstance of nation-destruction,
      in which we are winning a notable victory with the recent
      lightning progress of this petition (100 signatures in its first
      434 hours) we present South Africa's own BLONDIE CHAPLIN,
      of THE FLAME fame, and later with the BEACH BOYS - who
      take their name, incidentally, from the town of Huntingdon Beach,
      California - which is also the town where EMITT RHODES
      started his recording career. (See South Africa Report/
      Suid-Afrika Rapporteer for more about Emitt Rhodes!)
      Ladies and gentleman, BLONDIE CHAPLIN, urging us to
      sail on with our petition, for peace and justice for all.

      Sail On Sailor - Blondie Chaplin, Rick Danko & Paul Butterfield (79.10.12.H)

      Paul Butterfield - Harmonica, Vocals Rick Danko - Bass, Vocals Blondie Chaplin - Guitar, Vocals Rick Belke - Guitar, Vocals Tom Stevenson - Piano Ron McRory - Drums Terry Williams - Video Director Thomas Lofstrom - Technical Director Steve Ramsey - Camera

    16. Reached 100 signatures
    17. 50 Signatures, Day # 9. January 6, 2013

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      According to the banner, which says "with 50 supporters....50 needed"
      we have all the signatures we need, right?
      The truth is, it isn't the number of signatures on the petition
      that counts - it is the validity and truthfulness of the
      statement itself - and this petition stands for what Al Gore
      would call AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. The truth is,
      we need more signatures.
      South Africa does not benefit from this transfer of wealth in this way.
      See <>, for a depiction of
      Affirmative Action in action. I noticed that the lady sitting on
      the French sofa (the lady with the shoe business) actually
      has a French accent; her husband could be either a
      beacon of American capitalism; or contemptuously
      and callously advising white South Africans to conduct
      pyramiding schemes to build wealth - which is impossible
      when people are being systematically deprived of everything
      they have by a genocidal Government hell-bent on their destruction.

      Poor Whites/Rich Blacks - South Africa

      May 2009 The end of the Apartheid regime saw black South Africans gain from democracy and climb the social ladder. On the other hand white South Africans are learning that now the tables have turned, life isnt so easy.

    18. Reached 50 signatures
    19. MUST SEE! The key 21 seconds of the following video!

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      This petition began at about 8:35 AM South African time, on December 28, 2012 - and ended the year with 35 signatures (36 signatures by the full end of the year worldwide). Already, by December 31, there were fried links to this petition (I devised the term "sausages" for these "fried links", early on January 1.)
      Please see:
      <>. From 6:19 to 6:40, this essayist - who seems worried about telling the truth in our politically correct world - cuts and polishes a polemic gem which every leading world economist has missed!
      There is only one error in this nearly flawless and brilliant litany of facts: "Apartheid ended in 1994". This is a common mistake. Apartheid was painstakingly dismantled from the 1970s. From then until 1994, apartheid gradually became a relic, while South Africa flourished. But from 1994 to today, ANC apartheid has grown stronger. This explains all the statistics confirming the abject failure of ANC one-party rule.

      Life before vs after apartheid South Africa

      I did not make any of these statistics up. These are serious issues that South Africans today need to address if they don't want to become like Zimbabwe. Race needs to no longer be an issue for any chance of success. Works Cited Bond, Patrick.

    20. Reached 25 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 14 hours ago

      Killing of people is always wrong

    • Kevin Wallace HOUSTON, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      Because it is incomprehensible to stand by and do nothing whilst this genocide is going on.

    • Gloudine Van der Merwe CAPE TOWN, WC, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA
      • 2 months ago

      The purposeful killing of white elderly land owners to compliment the ANC legislation of land reform. Barbaric injustice.

    • Christiane Meyer BOISE, ID
      • 3 months ago

      This is important to me because a zivilized nation cannot tolerate the slaughtering of another fellow human being, as it is done to the farmers in South Africa. If we do not take action, we are just as much at fault as the murderes themselves.

      • 4 months ago

      My family's survival and existence depends on it...


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