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Stop Plaasmoorde genocide in South Africa, reverse genocide in Zimbabwe

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The Plaasmoorde (Farm Slayings) of white South Africans

who dwell in rural areas of South Africa, must stop immediately.

.The numbers of deaths resulting from this tragedy -

if extrapolated to a country the size of the United States -

would amount to hundreds of thousands of 

the most brutal, barbaric and dehumanizingly cruel,

torture-filled deaths - accompanied by the full range of

gruesome and predatory criminal behavior.

Shockingly, Government in Zimbabwe and South Africa

has CONDONED and abetted these killings... for 

decades!    The brazen agenda has been to

drive white landowners off their land and to

grab the land for others who have always mismanaged

their ill-gotten gains; thus driving Africa and the world

toward the edge of starvation. The triumph of these

ill-conceived notions of how to run farms and economies

has never resulted in any good in all the time these false

economic models have been tried in Africa, and it is time

to lay such gruesome experiments to rest.

The conscience of the world has been

shamefully silent and complicit for a long time

on this issue, and it is about time some REAL

world leaders in America, Europe, Africa and

everywhere else; demand the formation of a 

Truth Commission to investigate and expose

the new apartheid and the new injustices,

which are far worse than the old injustices

during the days of formal apartheid.

Affirmative Action is nothing but racism and

preferential treatment for some which greatly

harms others, impoverishes others, and has

been a sideline of genocide in South Africa,

and all world diplomats should treat the diplomats

of South Africa and Zimbabwe as persona non grata

until Affirmative Action programs in these two countries

are abolished and the victims of these unfair and

destructive programs are fairly compensated.  

Now is the time for the International Court of Justice

to summon Robert Mugabe and other genocidalists

in Zimbabwe, South Africa and other nations

to answer for their crimes.

The victims of these genocidal, brutal, cruel actions -

many of them children - should be compensated generously 

as should the families who are survivors of plaasmoorde

and other regime-instigated slaughters throughout South Africa -

and the perpetrators must be brought to justice diligently and

without fail,  in a way which sends the clear message that

this violent nation-destroying behavior will not continue furthermore. 

December 28, 2012

Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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