Turn the SW Corner of the Lone Fir Cemetery into a Community Garden, please
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Turn the SW Corner of the Lone Fir Cemetery into a Community Garden, please

    1. Albert Kaufman
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      Albert Kaufman

      Portland, OR

Portland has a new 1,000 Gardens for 1,000 New Gardeners program. Information here: http://www.portlandonline.com/fish/index.cfm?c=53380

The Lone Fir Cemetery's SW corner at Morrison and 20th Ave. SE would make a perfect place for a new community garden. This space is large and easily accessed. It also has sunlight and could be turned into a community garden/orchard in very little time. This would save the County lots of money over their current development plans and provide the community with more access to food growing and community building opportunities.

While Metro is working on this vision: "Metro is planning to launch the effort to raise funds for memorials to the immigrant Chinese laborers and asylum inmates buried at Lone Fir some time in the spring. Friends of Lone Fir and numerous other organizations will be working together to raise the funds required to bring this to fruition." - food could be grown in the meantime.

The space could be used as a community garden and visiting place for those who wish to have some aspect of the area be in relation to those who are buried there. But there's no good reason not to use this space for growing food in the meantime rather than it being an empty lot.

Location of SW corner: http://g.co/maps/878vt

More contact information is here: http://www.friendsoflonefircemetery.org/contact.html

Precedent for this happening in other places is voluminous. Example 1: http://www.mysjca.org/about-sjca-1/whipps-cemetery

Betsy adds: I don't know what the current plan is, Albert Kaufman, and I know you are a loving heart. ♥ Also know that gentrification is always painfully tangled up with racial injustice. To have dignity and wholesomeness, I'm just suggesting that any plan for that already painful burial site needs serious buy in of those whose lives and souls are (un)represented there.

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    • Jeanne Duvall TROUTDALE, OR
      • about 2 years ago

      Community gardens are important for so many reasons - food, community, land use... and in this case... could be a living/growing/sharing memorial.


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