The 1 Generous Thing Mobile Providers Could Do To Help Kids All Over The World

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      Sinenjongo 2013 class

Open letter to Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and 8ta

We are learners in a Grade 11 class at Sinenjongo High School, Joe Slovo Park, Milnerton, Cape Town. We recently heard that in some other African countries like Kenya and Uganda certain cell phone providers are offering their customers free access to Wikipedia.

We think this is a wonderful idea and would really like to encourage you also to make the same offer here in South Africa. It would be totally amazing to be able to access information on our cell phones which would be affordable to us.

Our school does not have a library at all so when we need to do research we have to walk a long way to the local library. When we get there we have to wait in a queue to use the one or two computers which have the internet. At school we do have 25 computers but we struggle to get to use them because they are mainly for the learners who do CAT (Computer Application Technology) as a subject. Going to an internet cafe is also not an easy option because you have to pay per half hour.

90% of us have cell phones but it is expensive for us to buy airtime so if we could get free access to Wikipedia it would make a huge difference to us. 

Normally when we do research Wikipedia is one of the best sites for us to use and so we go straight to it. The information there is clear, updated and there is information on just about every topic.

Our education system needs help and having access to Wikipedia would make a very positive difference. Just think of the boost that it will give us as students and to the whole education system of South Africa.

Sinombongo, Sinako, Busisiwe, Ntswaki, Bomkazi, Lindokuhle, Ntsika, Patrick, Ndumiso, Sinazo, Bathandwa, Nokuthembela, Lutho, Mandlilakhe, Zingisile, Aviwe, Nezisa, Ncumisa, Nokubonga, Pheliwe, Zama, Unathi, Malixole and Ntombozuko.

Offer free access to Wikipedia from mobile phones.

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    1. MTN announces free access to Wikipedia!!!

      MTN announced today that they will be providing free access to Wikipedia! Thanks to all of you for signing our petition. Here is a video with the response from MTN. Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom Mobile, we hope you will follow soon:

      MTN SA #NekNomination: Free Access to Wikipedia

      We know that many school children in this country don't have access to research material, which can make excelling at school so much more difficult. That's why MTN is proud to be the first South African cellular network to make Wikipedia free.

    2. Interesting response from MTN

      It seems we are not the only ones who have noticed that an inspiring 6,500 of you (THANK YOU!) have signed our petition on asking mobile carriers to provide free access to Wikipedia.

      Business Tech just reported that MTN is taking notice too: "According to Kusile Mtunzi-Hairwadzi: GM of the MTN SA Foundation, MTN is, in fact, currently working on a programme to zero rate access to Wikipedia for its customers."

      It's really exciting news, and a great chance to remind the other companies just how big a difference this could make for students all over South Africa. Please take just a second to tweet at the mobile companies and share the petition on Facebook.

      With your help we can make this happen.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Juliusz Gonera SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      Everyone should have access to knowledge.

    • Arthur Kerr-Sheppard PORT ELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA
      • 2 months ago

      Kids need access to information in order to learn.

    • Martin Juncher RANDERS, DENMARK
      • 2 months ago

      I care about my familly and thereby my fellow humans

      - love life <3

    • Simone Sivertsen RANDERS, DENMARK
      • 2 months ago

      Education paves the way for knowledge which in turn paves the way for opportunity. Let us give the students of South Africa the same opporttunities and resources as other African countries! Let us make a brighter, more informed future for all.

    • Wladyslaw Cervio Pelech Monagas NøRRESUNDBY, DENMARK
      • 2 months ago

      Cause i believe that knowledge is free and education is the best way to make our world a better place, whether it's environmental, acceptance or what else. I believe knowledges make us better.


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