Allow Artists to perform in parks Freely ANYWHERE for donations
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Commissioner Veronica M. White
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

Allow Artists to perform in parks Freely ANYWHERE for donations

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      Performance Heart

Because Art is important, no matter what the government officials think/say/do ARt is important to us as human beings.
Artists-especially performers are gifted and moved to connect with people, to entertain , make people laugh or get involved in non-linear conversations in the form of heart-felt, energetic performances or music making.
Most of us appreciate being distracted from the daily routine by a beautiful performance or piece of music in the park as we walk through, many of us are more than happy to reward this pleasant and uplifting distraction (IE reminder of our artistic, human nature) with a monetary donation.
The NYC Parks and Recreation Department would like to take away the rights of Artists to get paid to do what they love in public parks. Let's voice our disagreement with this regulation. Street Performers and musicians will be allowed to perform in public parks, Freely in areas of their own discretion for donations.

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    • Nils Sorensen BROOKLYN, DENMARK
      • 12 months ago

      Although I'm from Denmark, this is important for me, because I've spend countless hours playing in the streets, and have many times been kicked away and fined by park officers. They are just doing their jobs as they are supposed to, but most park officers I have talked to doesn't even like the rules they have to follow, by shutting down street performances.

      Street art and performance is a huge part of the soul in New York City, and has been so for many years. Taking that away is a serious damage to the city.

    • Irene Manfredi STATEN ISLAND, NY
      • 12 months ago

      I enjoy it and it gives local artists a free stage to perform. Hey you never know who may be watching. It could be a step to fame for someone whose talent may never have been seen.

    • Kerry Farias NEW YORK, NY
      • 12 months ago

      "Public" indicates open market. The public decides who or what belongs in the public sphere, not the government.

    • Gio Black Peter NEW YORK, NY
      • 12 months ago

      This is what makes New York City Great!

    • paul tolhurst UNITED KINGDOM
      • 12 months ago

      i believe it is important to allow people to sing dance and make art , particulary in public spaces .If artists recieve donations they can continue to make art and the public get to see or hear something good , positive , uplifting .It costs the government nothing and it benefits the community .


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