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Because Art is important, no matter what the government officials think/say/do ARt is important to us as human beings.
Artists-especially performers are gifted and moved to connect with people, to entertain , make people laugh or get involved in non-linear conversations in the form of heart-felt, energetic performances or music making.
Most of us appreciate being distracted from the daily routine by a beautiful performance or piece of music in the park as we walk through, many of us are more than happy to reward this pleasant and uplifting distraction (IE reminder of our artistic, human nature) with a monetary donation.
The NYC Parks and Recreation Department would like to take away the rights of Artists to get paid to do what they love in public parks. Let's voice our disagreement with this regulation. Street Performers and musicians will be allowed to perform in public parks, Freely in areas of their own discretion for donations.

Letter to
Commissioner Veronica M. White NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor
We, the citizens and visitors of NYC would like to express our disapproval and disagreement with the new law and regulations that are set to take effect for Street Performers and Musicians May 8th, requiring them to only perform in designated areas of parks or receive fines. We would prefer to be able to enjoy the artful expressions of talented performers in our public parks as we walk through or spend time there. These artists are not hurting anyone or thing, they actually improve the mood, vibration, atmosphere and safety of our public spaces. They are a perfect reflection of our diverse and vibrant city. We recommend that you refocus your efforts to create laws that truly improve the quality of life for New Yorkers rather than picking on and making it difficult to nearly impossible for peaceful artists to share their art and accept donations. Allow Artists to perform in parks Freely ANYWHERE for donations.

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