No Toll on I-90
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No Toll on I-90

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      No Toll on I-90

If tolling is established on I-90 the average commuter is expected to pay $4.35 each way to cross Lake Washington by 2016. This is over $2000 per year if you just use I-90 for getting to work in a single vehicle. Many families would see their expenses go up over $3000 per year in after tax dollars.

The state legislature has asked WSDOT to begin the process of determining the impact that I-90 tolling would have on communities in the area. This could extend as far as North Bend with the money collected directed toward paying for the unfunded Montlake section of SR520—an additional $1.4 Billion dollars, for a section of road that does not have tolls collected today. is asking that the Legislature investigate other ways to address the funding gap, not just for SR520 but for broader state needs. This includes revisiting the gas tax and possibly other reforms that would improve the value tax payers receive from major transportation projects. Raising the gas tax just 9 cents would cover all of the SR520 gap as well as fund additional needed transportation projects in the state, without the negative impact of tolls.

Tolling across the region is being investigated. If implemented, it will divide communities and disrupt commerce to businesses and the ports. It is not a sustainable way to fund our State’s transportation needs.  SR520 and I-90 are not a common coridor and the WSDOT EIS must include the broader impacts to the region, beyond the immediate Seattle/Bellevue area.

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    1. Signatures and Comments submitted to I-90 EIS scoping

      Hi All -

      Tonight all signatures and comments have bee submitted to the EIS scoping process along with select state and local representatives. The message is clear, tolling I-90 is bad policy and a proper EIS must include factors ranging from local to national in scope. Thank you for your efforts and engagement to this point. Please know the fight is not over and that we need more to sign up to the petition and get involved to stop tolling.

    2. EIS Scoping!

      Scoping for the EIS is underway. Please send your comments to before 11/5/13. The scope of the EIS must be broad and consider the impacts at the local, regional and national levels if tolling on I-90 (an interstate freeway). Please direct your comments toward what topics should be included in this study.

      Thanks and please help get more people to sign our petition!

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    • Nathan S KIRKLAND, WA
      • 6 months ago

      I travel 90 for work ROUTINELY! Think of the visitors coming from the east wanting to see the city of Seattle, why do they need to pay a toll to visit this beautiful land. NO TOLL!

    • Colin Bott MERCER ISLAND, WA
      • 8 months ago

      Also economical impact to Mercer Island would drive homes and businesses down.

    • Jennifer Heuschkel RENTON, WA
      • 8 months ago

      I drive on I-90 everyday to get to my job on mercer island if it were to be a toll bridge I couldn't afford it and that is the only way to get on mercer island

    • Douglas Mays SEATTLE, WA
      • 8 months ago

      used to be my main route daily

    • Nathan Schaller EVERETT, WA
      • 8 months ago



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