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Hazard Pay and Proper Working Conditions for Zupan's Employees during COVID-19

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As states around the country continue to tighten the restrictions on businesses to slow the spread of COVID-19, the employees of Zupan's do not believe that every measure is being taken to make employees feel safe, secure and valued during this critical time.

As an essential business, it is important that grocery stores remain open. However, there are many measures that can be implemented to help lessen the spread of this disease that are not currently in place, increasing health concerns and elevating anxiety among employees.

As the employees of Zupans we ask for the following to begin immediately:

A cap on no more than 35 customers allowed in the building at any given time. Both entrances should be monitored at all times to ensure accuracy.

The six-foot rule should be implemented and strictly enforced for both employees, managers and customers at all times. Signage and tape without proper enforcement are not adequate.

In addition to these safety measures, the employees of Zupans are asking for an additional $2 an hour in hazard pay from now until this public health crisis subsides. Hazard pay has already been implemented by many companies in this industry ( i.e. Amazon, Whole Foods, and locally, Market of Choice) and demonstrates respect and value for the employees who continue to put themselves at risk every day they work.

Gift cards and other "non-currency" gestures are not sufficient when many employees have had additional expenses placed on them during this time, including but not limited to: having to find additional childcare, losing a second job, or supporting a partner or significant other who has lost their job or had their hours reduced. Zupan's has seen record breaking sales in the most recent weeks; compensating employees adequately for the risk is the right thing to do.

We ask that these measures be considered immediately and implemented as soon as possible.

It is important for grocery store employees to be protected, valued and compensated adequately during this unprecedented time.

As the above measures (i.e. limits on the number of persons in the building, enforcing a strict "six-foot" rule, and providing additional compensation) are becoming standard in workplaces across the country.

This will dramatically improve employees ability to protect themselves from this virus and demonstrates respect for their decision to continue on with their work in these difficult times.

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