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Stop Animal Cruelty: Pound Care

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Hi, I'm Wyatt. That's Nathan right over there. He'll be helping me with this, and I'll be helping him with our speech. I want to stop animal cruelty or at least lower the chances of it happening. Anyways, we want to stop how pounds put the animals down,stop people from making their dogs fight in dog fights, and also we want to stop people from abusing their dogs, and to make pounds kinder places. We care about all animals, but we're going to be specific and help the large need of dogs, because they are most commonly abused. We care about these animals and we just want them to be treated with the right care. These dogs are put down and abused often and we want to stand up for them. They are treated unfairly and need to be respected. We want to start a fundraiser so we can pay local pounds in L.A and expand to global so we can make the pounds better places for dogs. These dogs need to be loved and properly cared for. Yes, many dogs are cared for, but even more are not. Those who are not should, if not have an owner, still be treated with love and care. Some pounds in L.A do not fit the standards to care for dogs. These pounds are unfit for having so many animals, and such little care for the animals who live in them. Most animals in pounds are abused, and we want to stop that. This world has too many dogs that are injured. Don't get us wrong, some pounds are good. But too many pounds are not right for holding the amount of animals they have, and with the care they need. There are lots of abused dogs out there, and we want to make life better for them. First off, if you want to help, talk to your parents, and try to see if you can talk to the staff at a local pound. Next, we want to expand the pounds. If we do that, then the dogs will have more room and will feel more free. We would also like to make their spaces more comfortable and entertaining. It would be nice and allow the dogs to pass time without laying there helplessly on a concrete floor. We would like nice little dog beds, some toys, and blankets. Also, maybe put 2 dogs in a space so they can be friends. But we want to make sure they aren't aggressive dogs, though. It would be nice for them to be happy, even without a caretaker. We also want them to have food in bowls, and not just spilled in front of them. We also want them to have the proper amount and the right kind of dog kibble or food that they need. We also want there to be open spaces to play in, and also treats for them to eat. We just want to make these pound a better place for these animals. You can make a difference too. #ZtopAnimalCruelty Start small, grow big. 

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Update: Our speech was presented, and we got an A+! :D

You can make a change too. Proof is that me and Nathan made the WN Change Network company/small business and have almost 500 signatures, and we are two 11-year-olds in the 6th grade. Thank you.

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