Release the Keybase back-end as Free and Open Source Software

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The Keybase software application was born to make cryptography easier for common people and as a secure way to manage people's data, digital identity, and private chats. After Zoom's acquisition, the community is visibly shaken over concerns that private interests could come before people's privacy or that the project could be abandoned and die out. Several people are announcing everywhere that they will be closing their Keybase account and I was thinking about doing the same. However i thought there could be another way, thus I'm opening this petition.

The goal is to ask Zoom and Keybase to come up with a business plan which includes open sourcing the Keybase application's back-end which will allow the project to not die out.

I believe being open source is a key requirement for software whose goal is to leverage on encryption, privacy and security, especially for a company who lost credit due to privacy issues.