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Remove the seals out of West Edmonton Mall's marine show

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For many years, West Edmonton Mall has had marine life around. In the past, the mall has taken many baby dolphin's lives. Recently, it has come to my attention that West Edmonton Mall doesn't have fair treatment of their marine animals. These animals are exploited for the enjoyment of people. These Sea Lions are trapped in an artificial pirates lagoon, it doesn't resemble the natural habitat of the Sea Lion in any way. I am disgusted at the treatment and the past of these animals in West Edmonton Mall. If you want entertainment, get human performers that have a choice and a say in what they do. West Edmonton Mall wouldn't be that affected if they lost the marine life show. Sea lions spend their days catching live fish, not begging for dead fish to be thrown at them. These animals are forced to perform twice a day, and many people of the public do not know the previous deaths of marine animals at West Edmonton Mall. These animals don't get enough natural sunlight or fresh air and the mall noises put stress on these animals. In the daytime when they aren't performing these animals are kept in cages. Since these sea lions have been raised in captivity, zoo facilities would be more prepared to take care of these animals. West Edmonton Mall is not a place for any marine life or animals at all. Animals do not have a voice, so we must provide it for them.

I can't sit around and do nothing, Please it costs no money to sign. Marine life should not be held captive for entertainment.WEM marine life article 

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