Zomato-Swiggy, Let us choose restaurants which use Eco-Friendly Packaging to Deliver Food!

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Small Changes, Big Impact!

We want ZOMATO, SWIGGY and other popular platforms for online food delivery to mark every restaurant based on the nature of the material they use in food packaging and cutlery. Online Food Ordering has made lives of millions of people easy by making delicious food, just a click away. As the number of people ordering food online is rising, so is the concern for sustainability. According to a popular estimate, 22,000 Metric Tons of plastic waste is generated every month due to Online meal delivery in India. Given that 91% of plastic does not get recycled, 20,020 Metric tons of plastic still remains for hundreds of years to come. 

Can we really afford online food ordering at such a high environmental cost? SIGN MY PETITION

The truth is that with billions of tons of plastic filling up our land and oceans, the need for eco-friendly sustainable food packaging is becoming increasingly evident. Just by replacing plastic cutlery items by their sustainable alternatives, we can end up contributing less to rising landfills, without much pain. We don't want to end up eating our mother earth!

By discouraging the use of plastic packaging and cutlery items by restaurants delivering food. This can be easily done by ordering food ONLY from places which offer Eco-Friendly cutlery and packaging to deliver food.

We've already shown a lot of apathy and ignorance to the environmental concerns, NOW IT'S TIME TO ACT!