Stop single use plastic wrapping in food takeouts

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Have you ever ordered food online and felt guilty at the amount of single plastic it comes wrapped in? While online portals have revolutionised the availability of food to anyone anywhere the environmental cost that it will take on us would be unprecedented.
Imagine each time you order a milkshake you become complicit in generating plastic container, plastic cover and lots and lots of masking tape that will most likely end up in a landfill very near your home making the city ugly and unhealthy each day you order from a takeout.
This doesn't need to be so. It is very easy to send a milkshake in glass bottle if you demand that from your service provider. It is ever more easy to get the food packed in brown paper and single use earthenware and disposable environmental friendly wrapping like leaf plates like we used in India before plastic inundated our lives.
Since we pay the money we have every right to demand that our food be sustainable and ethical and not cause problems instead of solving them.
Please sign the petition to demand that the online food delivery organisations do away with plastic packaging!