Alternatives to Plastic Food Packaging must not be Ignored by Restaurants. Quit Plastic!

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We all know the responsibilities we carry on our shoulders. The self-realization I made about my responsibilities is, I am doing wrong to my Earth. And, so are you. Don't run away from this truth, because the world doesn't have a defined corner to hide. We need to change RIGHT NOW and not any seconds later!

We do know how plastic has lead to the day we are witnessing, how other every form of pollution has lead to the day for us to request people to sign petitions on something we knew from the very beginning is going to be threatening. Plastics will kill 'us' gradually, but have you really tried seeing how has it already impacted our ecosystem, killing, leading to endangered, extinct other species? As much as we have the rights to live on this planet, they have too. 

Every individual knows Plastic envies us, it smiles seeing us die and not itself. The amount of plastic used on a daily basis in our very own lives is already unmatched and it's growing eerily, but AT LEAST we can STOP the restaurants who are TOTALLY dependent on us, to REFUSE using them in their cutlery? Whatever it takes to go down to "Zero Usage of Plastics."
There is a difference between stopping them from using plastic and stopping their business. You know what's right and why so! 

An ultimate powerful weapon against that awful thing is Us. Together! Enforcing and Influencing towards right is important more than knowing you're not, sitting right there and suffering from the guilt later.

Busy and easy-peasy lives have forgotten,that we utmost are the ones responsible for most of the restaurants to attain Plastics in bulk, without caring about the environment, because it's cheap, easily available and running the business. 

Chai Point, everyone's favorite! I am not sure, if everybody has noticed this, but Chai Point's packaging is absolutely plastic free. Anything and everything. And, how's the business going on? Touching the sky with glory. A lot of times when I buy from Chai Point, I give them 5 and write how much I personally love their packaging.

Today we have science, we can literally build alternatives that are the most sustainable ones. But, why don't we? Money, time, workforce? 
What are we scared of. The investment in the beginning will get you better profits in future, only if you have a 'future'.

The restaurants in India are under the power and control of Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, UberEats. Don't forget that 'we' have a symbiotic relationship with them.
Having most of the influence on us and the restaurants and being the biggest 'can become supporters' of environment, they can make 'Zero Plastic Packaging' restaurants in a go.

Influence, pin them down, run campaigns, help them find alternatives, figure out the best ways, you can do everything to keep the business and planet running. 
Exactly what we need and want!
Their influence is so powerful, they can help pull Earth out from the Danger Zone. 

This petition is for Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, UberEats, Restaurant under them, Individual Stated restaurants, to become sympathetic and brainy!
Use the brand image, digitalisation and power of your power, to do what is needed right now, and forever and be the ultimate change maker!
But, the action has to be taken right now, without any buts and ifs. 

And yes, don't forget, NOT to behave as hypocrites at home after signing this petition. Penetrate this in your and everyone else's head, "Ek ek ke karne se hi hoga".

Stay healthy, let's better change for the better!