Victory - Stop supporting anti-LGBTQ Restaurants

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Several restaurants in India restrict entry to LGBTQ couples as well as stags citing women's safety as an issue. LGBTQ couples pose no harm to women and putting a blanket ban on all stags and LGBTQ couples is the laziest way of solving for women's safety. Many effective ways like installing ample CCTVs, employing enough number of bouncers, etc. can be used to ensure the safety of women and other guests. 

Zomato continues to partner with anti-LGBTQ restaurants and cites that they are just a restaurant discovery platform and therefore cannot influence restaurant policies however, Zomato does much more than restaurant listing - it contributes towards the revenue and growth of these anti-LGBTQ restaurants by offering them various features like - Table Booking, Food Delivery, Zomato Gold, etc.

We want Zomato to:

  1. Have a word with the restaurants and positively influence them to discontinue the anti-LGBTQ entry restriction by incentivizing them, if needed.
  2. If (1) failed, remove the restaurant from the platform for enforcing discriminatory entry practices based on gender and sexuality.
  3. If (2) is too harsh, disable the “Table Booking”, “Food Delivery” and “Zomato Gold” options for the restaurant as these directly contribute towards its revenue and growth.
  4. If (1), (2), (3) are not feasible, add an LGBTQ-friendly label/tag/badge to the restaurants which are LGBTQ-friendly for ease of filtering.
  5. If (1), (2), (3) and (4) was too difficult to implement, add a note in the Table Booking section that entry is allowed for heterosexual couples only.

It is 2019, and it is a shame that the LGBTQ community does not have equal access to food, beverages and entertainment - thanks for the orthodox and lazy attitude of the restaurants and companies like Zomato that fail to utilize their position to bring about positive change. 

Please share this widely within your circle so that the LGBTQ community is no longer discriminated against by Zomato and the restaurant industry.

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