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Stop SADC, AU from Interferring In Zimbabwe's Military Action To Remove Mugabe

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SADC and AU supported Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe for 38 years as they watched him oppress his people, impoverished the nation, killed thousands and left 95% of the population unemployed. He has rigged elections to the extend that Zimbabweans no longer believe in the ballot. The ballot cannot remove Robert Mugabe from power because he has so many ways of appearing as if he has won the election freely and fairly by suppressing the opposition, intimidating the electrorate and capturing the election board. The world doesn't see all that clearly because Election Observers are denied entry into the country, SADC is baised and his friends who are heads of states in SADC and AU who are also dictators, rush to congratulate him when he has nefariously won an election. The only hope we have is a military action. On 15 Novermber 2017, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces embarked on a military action to take back the country from Mugabe who had started purging leadership in his party and government to pave way for a dynasty, his wife Grace Mugabe to be the next President. If this is left to happen, Zimbabweans will suffer for the next 40 years under Mrs Mugabe's rule. This has been stopped peacefully by the army and Zimbabweans are happy to let the military work on a National Transitional Authority to bring back Zimbabwe to its feet and to revive the hope of the people of Zimbabwe. If SADC and AU are left to interfer, they will give the power to Mugabe again as they did in 2008 through Thabo Mbeki who was appointed mediator, when an opposition had won the election. It is with a heavy heart that I ask you to sign this petition until we reach 1 million signatures.

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