Zimbabwe's Military, Police SHOULD allow citizens to march for Mugabe to go! It's Enough!

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Dear ZDF and ZRP,

We, the people of Zimbabwe, want to make it clear that ZRP and ZDF should not stand in the way of citizens who may want to march on any day in a FREE Zimbabwe! The purpose of this march is to relay a clear message to Robert Mugabe that he is no longer wanted as President of this great country. 

To ZDF, you have done your part, you have lifted the fear that was so entrenched among Zimbabweans. We are no longer afraid of Mugabe anymore. Let us join and demonstrate to SADC that we are fully behind you and the people's wish is for Mugabe to go! We still need your help to stop criminals who may infiltrate this genuine cause and try to loot or cause havoc. We are aware that the criminals in G40 can actually engineer this in order to prove to SADC that the military intentions were bad. So, please, help us by keeping criminals and G40 at bay!

To ZRP, we all know you are the worst police force in the world. But here is a chance to redeem tattered brand and regain the public trust! You no longer have to be villains anymore. The army get the same monthly pay as you, BUT they do not engage in corrupt activities to supplement they income!! Do not try to use your previous dirty tactics like the way you dispersed the War Veterans gathering at City Sports Centre. Allow the citizens their democratic right to demonstrate! Help with traffic control. Do YOUR job for crying out loud. Nothing more!

We are fully aware that our GREAT military, led by Gen. Chiwenga, wanted what is best for this country but the G40 cabal is hiding behind technicalities. We also understand that Mugabe is telling SADC that "....people of Zimbabwe are happy with me because they are not demonstrating in the streets against my rule!" ..... NO SIR, people of Zimbabwe were just scared, too scared to tell you to go. Now Gen. Chiwenga has lifted that fear! We are no longer afraid anymore.

Mr Mugabe, do you know that the thousands who attended your so-called Interface Rallies and many other rallies before were scared people. Ask people in Mbare, Siyaso, Mupedzanhamo, Flea Markets in town, Glen View Area 8, etc. Registers of these people were compiled to take stock of who attended these rallies and retributions would follow for those who did not! We all know this.

We, the people of Zimbabwe, are inspired by the old adage that says, "Nothing can stop an idea whose time is NOW!"

It's NOW or NEVER!

Let us all meet at Zimbabwe Grounds with the War Veterans, and March to town there after. It will be surreal when we pass through the GHOST industries. Our energy will re-energize these industries back to full capacity!!