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Justice for Khawalid! Hands off Ishmael Khaldi!

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Justice for Khawalid. Hands off Ishmael Khaldi!

 To many who support the democratic state of Israel the name "Ishmael Khaldi" is well-known, since they have witnessed first-hand Ishmael’s tireless work on the front lines of Israel advocacy.

 As well as advocating for Israel, Ishmael has also for been advocating for his Bedouin community of Khawalid in the Western Galilee.

 The only road to the village is unpaved, which causes difficulties for villagers in getting to work, accessing medical care and attending school. Ish asked for one thing – for Zevulun Regional Council to treat the village the same as any other, accept the need for a paved road, and do what any other community would expect: build it.

 A few weeks ago, following his efforts to publicise this need, some right-wing media in Israel launched a vicious attack against Ishmael, publishing libellous, manipulative articles, deliberately misrepresenting his call for justice in his battle with the Zevulun Regional Council (מועצהאזורית זבולון) as an anti-Israel campaign.

 These articles went viral and elicited vicious, ugly racist comments, incitements and threats against Israel's MOST ardent Bedouin Zionist.

Brothers and sisters, a friend in need is a friend indeed. But Ishmael is more than that. He’s a warrior for Israel! Such articles not only question Ish’s hard-earned reputation for integrity, but also are dangerous to our efforts to stand up for Israel equality, too. The wave of incitements and racist comments has no place in a progressive democratic society, whether it be Israel or indeed anywhere else.

 WE who support justice and equality, and wish to stand against racism, call for an end to the libel and disgraceful misrepresentations. To question Ish’s motives and integrity is wrong and an attack on all who wish to see justice and peace for all in Israel.

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