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Elder Scrolls Online Steam Keys for Existing Owners

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The Elder Scrolls Online was released on PC/Mac on April 4th of this year and was only avaliable for purchase on as a Digital Copy for redemption on or Physical Copy with redemption code for . As of today (July 17th) ESO has become avaliable on Steam, however many of us have already purchased a copy and are using the launcher that is not aquired through steam. On the ESO forums the solution given to the problem of not getting a steam key for our already purchased game is to add it to the steam client as a "Non-Steam Game". This however doesnt fix the issue becuase you still can not unlock steam Trading Cards for ESO, craft steam Badges for ESO, count game time for ESO, post a review for ESO on steam, or interact with the game like a native steam game. Many of us would prefer a native steam copy to enjoy the benifits of trading cards and if we were made aware of a steam version would have bought it later instead. Please allow existing owners of the Elder Scrolls Online to receive a steam version of the ESO launcher so we may add it to our Steam Clients natively.



How would they be able to stop someone from giving the key to a friend in order to obtain a free copy or sell the key online?

Zenimax could setup a system that would require the linking of a steam account to the users ESO account and then with Steam OpenID redeem the key automatically (Similar to


Would this entitle existing players to a second 30 day of free game time?

No Zenimax would only need to give ESO users access to the launcher through steam only this would allow us to collect Trading Card, craft Badges, and ect. Even those of us whom have already purchased the Imperial Edition or Palomino Horse would only need access to a steam version of the launcher because after login we would still retain all our items.


Is this only about recieving the Whiterun Wolfhound vanity pet?

No this is not entirely about the vanity pet, i think it is understandable that Zenimax has a special promotion to make steam users want to purchase the game for the first time, this is only becuase it is not to my attention that they are offering the Explorer's Pack to steam Users. However if Zenimax would like to make things right with giving its exisiting users a steam copy and decides to give us the Whiterun Wolfhound vanity pet, I wont complain.


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