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Zee Media - Remove Jagrati Shukla for Bigotry

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Jagrati Shukla is the Asst. Producer for ZEE Media and a journalist on their news broadcast.  Over Twitter and other social media outlets, she has exposed her extremist view points, bigotry, communalist leanings, and hatred for those that have been most expressed oppressed by the caste apartheid in India.

The Dalits of India are the most oppressed group that have long suffered under the social apartheid in India.  Denied educational and economic access, the oppression continues today as their lives can be subjected to physical violence.  To a member of this group, she stated on 9-Sep-2016 "U can say wteva u like. I say that you are a dalit apologist. And a backward regressive moron. No [now, sic] go clean toilets lol"

In 1984, tens of thousands of Sikhs were brutally slaughtered in a government-orchestrated genocide.  Showing no shame for the untold loss of live, she blames the innocents for their own deaths, thus engaging in both genocide denial and tacit approval, stating on 10-Aug-2016 "Sikhs deserved that. What do you expect when you breed hate? They killed Hindus for nothing.  Although I don't support genocide......"

Many Muslims suffer ill-treatment in India, with the Gujarat pogram in 2002 being a more blatant manifestation.  To a random twitter follower, after identifying his "Muslim-sounding" name, she engaged in vile Islamophobia. Stating on 31-Oct-2016 "I read your name. No wonder U sympathize with those Terrorists. #SIMI #Bhopal Btw Which #Madarssa did you U go to? The education is evident lol"

We are calling on Zee Media and advertisers of Zee Media to distance yourself from bigotry, casteism, Islamophobia, communalism and genocide denial by removing Jagrati Shukla from the air.


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