ZARA stop supporting/purchasing clothes from Turkey

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Turkey has been committing crime after crime among numerous countries. Erdogan is a modern day Hitler and many countries and people have had enough of their attacks.

Morocco, France and Saudi Arabia have already boycotted their products and stopped their trade. Lets get the US to do the same starting with popular clothing companies such as Zara. Boycotting Turkish products will negatively effect Turkeys economy, and so we must act together for the sake of human rights to stop this country from buying more weapons to attack innocent people. 

Turkey is associated with ISIS, the extreme terrorist group. Erdogan has terrorists attack groups of people to ethnically cleanse the Caucasus so their goal of “Pan-Turkism” can be succeeded. Pan-Turkism is the goal to unite all Turkic nations and in the way is the Christian nation Armenia. Turkey has become a war proxy in a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Turkey is allies with the Azeris and are heavily influencing Azerbaijan to commit countless war crimes. Turkey is also guilty of the 1915 Armenian genocide where 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered. Turkey has also been oppressing and attacking Kurds and Assyrians within their own lands, and have recently been targeting Cyprus. Stop this horrific country.