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Zambrero - please add tofu & vegan cheese to your menu.

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Zambrero mexican fast food chains are already great for vegans, but let's face it in 2017, there are now so many more options than just beans and rice. We would firstly like to thank Zambrero for thinking of vegans when planning their menu, but with the amount of substitutes for meat and dairy cheese available now we ask that they simply include tofu and vegan cheese to their menu to make their already delicious food that much more enjoyable. Vegans don't want to just have things taken off of their meal to make it vegan, we want it substituted so we can enjoy it the same as everyone else. Please Zambrero, we kindly ask you replace the animal products with vegan alternatives so we get the substantial and satisfying mexican we have all been waiting for, and who knows it might even entice the meat eaters to try something new if they don't feel like they are missing out on anything!