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Please help free Justine Davis so she can come home to Canada for her son's funeral this Saturday.

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On December 23, Justine Davis and her beautiful three year old son, my nephew, Cameron were on vacation in Cuba in the Cayo Largo area for the Christmas holidays.  Earlier that day they had been visiting a park and turtle farm and other kid-friendly activities. Later they rented a scooter to go get lunch but 5 minutes after leaving the resort on the scooter they were involved in a serious collision with an industrial sized truck on an unpaved section of road.

Justine and Cameron were thrown from the scooter and upon impact Cameron’s helmet came off.  Justine was approximately 30 feet from where Cameron was laying and crawled to him despite her multiple injuries. No one in the truck was injured. There were no other witnesses but it is believed Justine may have been swerving to avoid large potholes and then was hit by the truck coming around a bend. 

Justine and Cameron were transported to hospital separately with Justine eventually being air-lifted to Havana where she had emergency surgery. Justine’s injuries include multiple contusions, a broken bone in her left arm, a compound fracture on her left leg and a deep and large wound on her left thigh. 

The next day, after many unanswered pleas to hospital staff Justine learned that Cameron had died at the scene.

Although it is clear there was no mal-intent on the part of either Justine or the truck driver, police are not allowing Justine to leave Cuba.  It even took our family weeks just to get Cameron's body back to Canada and that cost $9500.00.

We have delayed putting Cameron's body to rest in hopes that his mother can be there for his funeral to say goodbye but for practical reasons we can't delay any longer and his service will be this Saturday Feb 8.  It's tragic for a mother to have to bury a child, but to be detained in another country with no information, timeline, or real support from your government is unbearable.

We have received little information or assistance from the Canadian Embassy in Cuba. We've learned that the Canadian Government doesn't have a good reputation for helping Canadians in distress abroad. But in cases where there has been a lot of public pressure they have acted quickly. That's why we are asking the Canadian public to please sign our petition so that we can put pressure on our MPs, the embassy, and get the support we need to get Justine home for Cameron's funeral.

Immediately after the accident the Canadian Embassy in Cuba was involved, however Justine has been advised on multiple occasions that they are not empowered to contact any Cuban officials directly and all communication must be handled via a diplomatic note to and from the Embassy.  As of February 1st, there has been no response from the Cuban officials to these diplomatic notes.

Justine has also been advised that all efforts to secure her and Cameron’s release from the country must be coordinated via Asistur – a Cuban assistance coordination company.  All efforts to contact Asistur via phone have gone unanswered and on 2 occasions when a family friend and Cameron’s father went directly to the Asistur office in Havana they were advised that Asistur did not have any updates regarding the investigation and that they would contact us. We left both the hospital number and Justine’s cell phone number, however todate we have never been contacted by them.

Our family has tried everything.  The delays, confusion and lack of communication between police, Cuban officials, Asistur, and the lack of real support from the Canadian Embassy is shameful and not what Canadian citizens should be able to expect.

Please sign this petition and help Justine get home so she can be there to lay her son to rest.

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