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Move The Color Run out of Downtown Ypsilanti

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For several years now, The Color Run has come to Ypsilanti, Michigan and closed off the streets downtown Ypsi for their race route every summer.  Residents who live on the race route have had numerous serious concerns about this event, as it has caused repeated problems.  We would like this event moved OUT of our neighborhood!  

The event has repeatedly caused these problems:

1.)  There is trash left all over town after the race, like water bottles, color packets, paper and pamphlets, etc.  The event is supposed to clean it up and they say they do, but the evidence is clear that they do not.

2.)  Proper notice is NOT given to people living on the race route that their streets (and driveways) will be closed off for the day.  The event is supposed to give proper notice, but IT DOES NOT HAPPEN YEAR AFTER YEAR.  People cannot get in and out of their house/driveway with their vehicles due to street closures.  People cannot get IN to their homes.  Residents need to be able to get to work and come and go freely to their homes!  The streets surrounding the race route are so full of extra parked cars for the event that residents CANNOT FIND PARKING WITHIN MANY BLOCKS FROM THEIR HOUSE TO GET BACK IN.  This has caused A GREAT DEAL OF STRESS for residents on the race route, year after year.

3.)  The chemicals in the color packets that are exploded ALL OVER TOWN FOR THIS EVENT are food dyes.  Food dyes have been linked to a whole host of health problems.  We do not want these chemicals sprayed all over town and then washed down the drains into the river.

4.)  The event is LOUD, with loud speakers that disrupts the peace on an early saturday morning in a normally quiet area.

5.)  This event closes off some of the major arterial roads in Ypsilanti.  Numerous people who live and work in Ypsilanti, not necessarily ON the race route, have experienced a great deal of problems getting around town, getting home, and getting to work.  Downtown Ypsilanti is NOT the appropriate place for an event like this.  It causes too much disruption for residents and businesses.  

6.)  Apparently, the color sprayed everywhere for this event is ruining cameras as well!

7.)  According to this link, The Color Run has been found to be hazardous to breathing, especially to those with asthma, etc:

8.)   Food colorings in the Color Run dyes are negatively affecting the bees:

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