YouTube to blacklist channels exploiting children

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YouTube attracts views of over five billion videos each day from people of all ages. Yet there is a very dark side to it.

Recently, it has been discovered that there has been a serious of disturbing and concerning videos on YouTube that appear to show children being exploited.

These videos, hidden in plain sight under inconspicuous names such as "webcam video from...", not only show children on webcams behaving in unusual ways (some more suggestive than others) but are also rife with comments of a incredibly vile and sick nature. Many are accompanied with concerningly suggestive thumbnails.
Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon, with some videos having been on the site for as much as four years. More have been uploaded since, several of which are monetised and have accumulated thousands and millions of views.

While YouTube initiatives such as YouTube Heroes enable the community to flag these videos down, many are on throwaway channels that are not designed to be enduring channels. As such, it is imperative that YouTube staff themselves take a firm stance against this type of videos.

YouTube undoubtedly collects data on those who browse for and upload these videos. This data will include, presumably, information relating to location such as geolocation or IP address. Since YouTube is owned by Google, this can easily be cross-referenced with other Google searches that have originated from the area/IP.

Sign this petition to get these videos removed and also get the IP addresses of uploader channels blacklisted and/or reported. With enough support from those who care about the welfare of children and want this to be dealt with, we can urge YouTube to respond and act.

This trend has existed for at least four years already. Let's not allow it to exist for any more.

Due to the potentially upsetting nature of the videos, I will not be linking directly to them. They are easily viewable by searching for the phrase "webcam video from", for those who will not be upset. I will, however, link to third-party videos discussing the topic.


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