YouTube: Suspend Direct Weather.

YouTube: Suspend Direct Weather.

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Ever since 2013 - literally the start of his YouTube channel, Direct Weather has been pushing content that is misleading and simply not true.

On Twitter, the Weather Community takes note of this. Primarily, his non-stop use of the word 'MAJOR'. Go to his channel and you will find a treasure trove.

Even the banner image for this petition is made up of 'Major' or 'Extreme'.

The types of things that Direct Weather has said

  • Contradicts real information from the National Weather Service (reminder: a federal government agency)
  • Uses extremely clickbaity thumbnails and images to attract more viewers to a situation that isn't as dramatic
  • No known cases of this, but can lead to family panic/hysteria.
  • Ignores his failures in predicting in the past and just moves onto something else.
  • Uses evidence of futurecasts, not near-time casts, suggesting unlikely scenarios spreading to be as 'this will happen' (like calling an election when only 20% of the vote is in with a swing state)

Besides misinformation on an extreme level, Direct Weather with the YouTube algorithm, his clickbaitiness and 100K subscriber milestone is the perfect ingredients for misinformation to be spread.

Direct Weather is also earning money off of lies - his patreon account has 99 patrons, and with the lowest tier being at $3 suggests he makes about $300 from his patreon account, not to mention there is also his store/merch too.

The only efforts he really puts into saying "I'm probably not correct" is saying in the description to check the NWS/NHC (National Hurricane Center) for more information. Of course, he can only do so little because it's not like everyone before/after watching a video will read the description.

With this uncertainty and immaturity, it can be possible that sometimes he has no idea what he is talking about, and making random crap up and throws it into his thumbnail. The fact that he is so inaccurate shows he probably hasn't taken a decent amount of time studying meteorology. A *real* meteorologist YouTuber would probably, I would put a 90% chance on showing NWS or local TV news stations (also has to ensure safe and real news) instead of just showing models, which are always subject to change, because they always contradict each other.

There is only so much tweeting and clicking a report button can do to a company; so YouTube, we ask fondly to suspend Direct Weather and/or issue a warning to tell him to stick with accurate, not misleading information and use primary sources.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!