Youtube go back to the creative, free platform you used to be.

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Since 2016, the youtube platform has been a disaster. Youtube has made it completely impossible for creators on the platform to progress, and make content freely without being demonetized or striked as “not user friendly”. Youtube has changed its algorithm, also making it impossible for smaller channels to grow. Youtube has recently instilled changes, making it so people subscribe to a certain channel, they’ll have to turn on notification bell (not a problem), but will automatically only send notifications occasionally, forcing the subscribers to manually change the settings to receive them all the time. (a problem). These are just a few instances. Not only that, videos that have the slightest bit of cursing or “not ad-friendly content” are being demonetized, yet THOUSANDS of videos that contain sexual content disguised as “cartoons” for children, and full blown pornographic content are still floating around. This is a problem. I and others refuse to let youtube become just some corporate, family friendly, advertisement-centralized, propaganda filled tv channel. You need to fix your algorithm, and you need to give Youtubers their creative freedom back. Let them make the content that made this site popular in the first place. Let us say what we want as long as it doesn’t infringe upon anyone’s rights. Without creators, and viewers, this website would be dead. And where you guys are going now...the future doesn’t look to bright. Please sign, I hope to catch youtube’s attention, and make a change in a website that’s dear to me, and millions of others.