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Tell YOUTUBE to Leave FUNnel Vision Alone & Restore DOH MUCH FUN

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The youtubers on the channel are having videos removed from the site due to pressure from advertisers to stop advertising on inappropriate kids videos, however FUNnel Vision and Doh Much Fun especially has No Inappropriate Kids videos.  The content ranges from many things but there is never any cursing, there is no bullying of children and most importantly there is no masquerading of kids content happening which is what Youtube has been targeting.  Youtube has cast too wide of a net saying they will remove videos if they feel inappropriate comments have been left on them by child predators.  Funnel Vision cannot control who leaves comments on their videos but are being the ones persecuted for such action instead of going after the commenters themselves. Youtube is targeting a wide array of videos based on certain keywords like waterpark, mermaid, pool, fashion show because they think kids may be inappropriate clothed or exploited which sounds great, but they aren't reviewing every video, they are just completely taking them down saying they are innocent based on metadata.  Judging a book by its cover! They are also not reviewing our appeals, it's like appeals have been turned off.  There are other terms which may seem like a no brainer to remove from the kids sector like videos containing "poop" or "scary" but again, if we play a major brand nationally released board game like Doggie Doo or Poopy Head or play with Playdoh Poo Dough Prank, that's inappropriate too? What if we make DIY Slime that's brown and joke around, that's also inappropriate? No, they've gone too far.  Also if we use the word scary, it's not Rated R scary, it's just kid age appropriate spooky but because we use the word they aren't allowing us to remove that word, instead whole vid comes down. They have not answered or worked with FUNnel Vision or Doh Much Fun to understand what the problem is with their videos.  They've been creating videos since 2013 with no community guidelines broken and all of a sudden some advertisers come along and say we don't want to be apart of disturbing kids videos which was in reference to the take down of recent Toy Freaks channel and other channels where kids costumed characters were doing adult and inappropriate things, so all Youtube is doing is removing any kids video / channel just to show force.  If you feel FUNnel Vision and Doh Much Fun do not deserve this treatment, please sign the petition.

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