Stop the online abuse

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I remember when I was a small kid, I used to see drunk people fighting on roads and abusing each other. I used to get frightened and hide inside my house. I used to think that abusing someone was related to the lack of education. But some days back when I found that one of my relatives, doing a Masters degree in one of the prestigious B-schools of India, has also started abusing heavily. When I asked him the reason, he told me that 90% of his friends are also indulged in abusing and that has become a part of their normal conversations. And when I go and see the comments section of any video or replies to some post on a social networking platform, I find people abusing the politicians, the Prime Ministers, the news anchors and even abusing the gods of each others' religions. If we go by the literal meaning of these abuses, it is equivalent to online raping someone's mothers and sisters. Few years back, there was a trend to use English abuses and now a days, the trend has shifted towards Hindi abuses. Unfortunately, some girls also feel proud using the abusive language. Seeing the social networking posts filled with abuses and no action against them since long, somewhere supports the statement that it has become a part of life and we all accept it. It is easy for the social media platforms to identify and block the abusive words in the posts since the vocabulary is not too huge. I request all of you to uproot the usage of such words at least from the social media platforms.