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YouTube: Stop profiting from child abuse - ban Daddy0Five channel

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This is a petition to ban the YouTube channel "DaddyOFive". The channel is run by Mike Martin from Baltimore, MD. It is a vlog of family of 7: dad, mom and 5 kids. In reality, it's a horrific account of verbal, emotional, mental and physical child abuse. I hate to give them more views but it is enough to watch just one video to see for yourself. 

"Invisible Ink Prank", their most recent video, is a portrayal of heinous verbal, emotional and mental child abuse. "Tablet Destruction Prank" video documents another horrendous account of verbal, emotional and physical child abuse."Dad destroys Sons Xbox One PRANK! part 3!!"!

These are not one-offs; any video from the vlog you click on will give you a sickening episode of child abuse! Not only are the parents NOT held accountable for their abuse, they are PROFITING from it. So is YouTube! This is not a freedom of expression - it is a predetermined and vile abuse, and should NOT be tolerated.

"“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse them”. Don't remain silent and let the abuse continue. Let your voice be heard - this is not a way to treat any human being, especially children, the most unprotected and vulnerable members of our society. Stand up for them - take action now!

Update 4/19/17: some of the videos referenced above were removed from YouTube already. If you want to get an idea on how horrendous some of them were, I found that this video showed it well: 

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