Shutdown Buknoy

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Signing this petition will help stop Buknoy from  continuing the negative behavior she has done through YouTube. This will also help Buknoy protect from cyberbullying due to how people have reacted. Especially those who have crossed the line. Let's give her a break from social media.

The whole issue from Buknoy will be tackled next,  and to further explain to what truly happened. 

People from the Philippines all knew about this newbie youtuber and influencer so called Buknoy, or also known as Buknoy glamur on all social media platforms. Buknoy is also known for negative contents on YouTube channel and not owning up to mistakes and always playing the victim card.

Buknoy first issue was about degrading the tricycle drivers and mentioned that having a work like that will not make you successful. Pinoys were furious about this but later on gave a second chance to change as Buknoy is minor and only new to the YouTube and "influencer" world. Sadly, after this event, 4 more issue came out and Buknoy all started it.

The four issues are:

• Violated a protocol which going outside not wearing a face mask and yelling at a neighborhood past curfew.

• Inappropriately dancing in McDonald's 

• Blackmailed someone to get what Buknoy wants by threatening the victim that Buknoy will harm herself.

• Using kpop for clout and pretends to be a fan

Pinoys were so over with Buknoy because every other issue, Buknoy will upload an apology video but it's just all about defending herself and not actually saying sorry, then post a selfie, promote the next youtube video then the cycle goes on and on.

What's making this more awful is that other teens are watching Buknoy's videos and thinks it's okay. Some are also doing it due to influence. Many other pilipino youtubers have told Buknoy to stop and said "you don't have to be mean to get people to watch your videos". However, Buknoy never listens.

People have decided that enough is enough. They first decided to tell people to unfollow Buknoy and unsubscribe. Others trend a hashtag on Twitter #BuknoyIsOverParty to let people know about the behaviour. It made Buknoy lost some subscribers but netizens have also realized as long as Buknoy has a platform she's not going to stop. Buknoy never listens and pretends to change but does the exact opposite.

As an adult, we can all see Buknoy has still a long way down to go. Buknoy can still change. Hopefully through banning her for a while in YouTube will help her detox and connect with herself again and change for the better.

Again, creating this petition is to help Buknoy from having an official break from social media and stop continuing gaining profit from negative contents. As well as to stop the hate Buknoy keeps receiving from the audience. 

Hoping Buknoy can come back and be a better youtuber and influencer.