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YouTube should release our created content and reinstate our channel.

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November 2017: YouTube terminates us again.. writes, After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content (

Peter Sinclair: "Climate State has been doing an absolutely amazing job of providing a useful historical archive of important experts warning on climate issues through past decades."

March 2017: Another month another YouTube channel termination

January 2017: YouTube recently removed hundreds of the best climate science videos from the Internet, the account was in good standing.

YouTube did not provide a reason for what they call channel termination, support staff cited Community Guidelines, practices like spamming, deceptive practises, predatory behavior and so on.

We are unaware of any wrongdoing, and think the decision was done in error. 

We want to know why our channel has been terminated. Why is YouTube not communicating clearly what the problem is?

To get an idea about the channel content visit 

Our video backup at

We had permissions for most of the content, basically for all extreme weather footage, a lot of content is published into the public domain (ie. NASA, content or some documentaries), some content such as lectures is posted generally either with a permission or under fair use conditions/educational, or we used excerpts of existing content in our own productions - actually the majority of over 600 videos is our work. 

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