Save Weedtube

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CustomGrow420 (over 1mil subs)

These are just a few of the weed related channels completely deleted from YouTube in the past week. I'm sure there are more. Youtube lately has been only allowing videos to be monitized if they are "advertiser friendly", which makes sense. However, due to this fact, many channels have had to make a Patreon page in order to continue making content on this platform. This platform was just ripped out from under them without warning; and if there's no content, peoole stop supporting, financial or not. They are quite literally ruining people's careers just because this beautiful harmless drug doesn't fit their agenda.

We as a community need to come together and stop this platform from destroying people's job for ridiculous  reasons. Please share as much as possible. Even if you have no idea who these people are, it's still a step in the wrong direction for freedom if youtube continues to do this to educational, harmless weed smoking channels.

YouTube. Broadcast yourself if it fits our opinions.