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Remove the music video for Robin Thicke's song 'Blurred Lines'

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Recently YouTube removed a parody video of 'Blurred Lines' for inappropriate content. This particular parody garnered attention because the roles were reversed (the men were naked with the women fully clothed etc.) It is important to support artistic vision and integreity, but I think we can all agree that 'Blurred Lines' is far from 'artistic' with it's blatant objectification and exploitation of the female body. The models are mere props to the fully clothed Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. Touched and groped by each male while balloons in the background let us know that Robin Thick has a big dick. I am sick of this kind of misogyny being allowed to continue in popular culture and to be honest the longer we brush it off the more harmful it becomes. Many of you have no doubt seen the fiasco VMA performance that resulted in MIley Cyrus being burned at the proverbial stake while Robin Thicke was barely mentioned. So I am asking you all for help in asking YouTube to either remove the 'Blurred Lines' video for inappropriate content, thus upholding their censor system. Or allow the parody video to be shown. Bodies are beautiful things, but if we are going to change people's perceptions we have to start holding those accountable for the promotion of the negative and harmful images and stereotypes shown. Not to mention it promotes and EXCUSES rape culture.Also Robin Thicke is a pretty big douche bag. So please leave comments below with your thoughts and opinions on why this is important to you! Let's make our voices heard!!! 

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