Reinstate Lost Pause YouTube channel

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On March 3rd, 2016, after getting Community Guideline strikes, the Lost Pause YouTube channel was terminated. This, in our opinion is a hugely unfair decision, not only because there was absolutely no (as far as we can see) fully valid reason. 

Before the termination, his channel already got a strike for a Katawa Shoujo (visual novel) video, that contained the famous anal scene, which was completely censored. To top it off, Noble posted this video in 2014! It took two years for YouTube to decide to remove it! There are so many other channels and videos that clearly violate the Community Guidelines, have far worse content, yet YouTube does nothing. They instead go and ban an innocent channel with a big community. We need YouTube to have a good hard look at their procedures when it comes to Content flagging system.

In short, we do not want anything more than Noble to have his channel reinstated or a sincere apology offered to him at the very least. We urge YouTube to reconsider their decision and to take a full on review of its Content flagging system. We do not accept the short and unsatisfactory response you gave us. Lost Pause is most certainly not a Lost Cause.

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