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Reinstate all KnowDrugsdotNet YouTube Channel Videos and Comment Threads

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If you believe YouTube should retain its potentially very valuable role in the world today as a genuinely free and open source of information generated by the people and for the people and free from State, Corporate or Religious interference then please read on. 

In 2010 a group of people who wanted to see a positive change in the global discussion about drugs set up a YouTube channel to post stories educating and informing people about all kinds of experiences of and attitudes to drugs.  We uploaded over 450 videos featuring drug users, addicts, professionals, campaigners and non-users. 

In December 2013, YouTube removed all but five of our videos, after one, from a professional Ibogaine treatment provider discussing the traditional use of the plant medicine in West Equatorial Africa was flagged.  This, despite telling us we were ‘not in violation of our Terms of Service’.

Years of hard work was destroyed with the touch of a button and no reasonable explanation. 

We are asking that our videos, all of them with attached comment threads, be returned.  Please join with us and sign this petition to let YouTube know that you stand with us against their unjustified back door censorship.

Share this petition with friends who believe that online censorship such as this betrays the original concept of YouTube—to give everyone, no matter who you were or what your message was, an online voice.  Share this with people that feel the same as Know Drugs: knowledge has the power to transform and save lives, we have seen so on our website feedback,, and in the (now missing) comment threads from our YouTube channel videos.  

If they can take down our hard work without cause or explanation - they can also do it to yours. 

Here is a small sample of our website feedback:


“Youtube should be championing excellent channels like KnowDrugsdotnet, not shutting them down.” Graham Hancock, Author


“Really like your videos. Have watched nearly all of them!

I am a 27 year old ex addict. I was cross addicted to many substances – it started off quite innocently with recreational drug use which lead on to lots of addiction.

I haven’t met anyone my age who has chosen the sober life, and I wished I’d of seen an interview with someone like me when i was getting sober as it would of helped me so much to see someone in my peer group who was doing it.” Anonymous Female



“I’m currently studying psychology at the university of Greenwich and in the process of designing my final year project. My general research area is attitudes towards recreational drug use and differences between drug prevention and harm reduction. I’m looking to conduct qualitative research in these areas. For this I would need some media to show to participants. Would you consider letting me use some of your interview videos in my study please?” Male academic


To which we of course said ‘yes’.




“Thanks for your YouTube post I am now 2 weeks clean and on a subutex programme I’m 40 now and graduated from the lesser drugs and mainly alcohol which caused me many prison sentences and I was introduced to heroin on the outside but crack at first and I used heroin to take the “prang” off the crack. This soon became a double habit, I was addicted to crack and heroin for 8 years it’s early days and I still think about using but nobody said it would be easy. I need strength/willpower to win” Anonymous male




“It’s so refreshing to hear the likes of [anti-drug law reform campaigner] David Raynes going against the grain on this issue, instead of being fed the standard lazy consensus. ” Anonymous male



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