Reconsider the new rules regarding children/family videos on YouTube

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After failing to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protect Act (COPPA), Youtube was made to pay a 170 million dollar fine; the largest COPPA fine in history. Due to these privacy violations, the company announced new rules and regulations regarding children's entertainment on their platform on September 4th, 2019. 

What does this mean? In the coming months, creators will be required to say if the content they create is made for kids. This will in turn, limit several features on the platform that was originally accessible by everyone. This includes no longer having personalized ads, no matter if an adult is watching the video or not. Personalized ads and monetization allow for many toy and family YouTubers to make it a full time job. Removing this feature will effectively leave many creators without a job. 

Other changes that will be implemented will lead to decreased creator/community interaction. Comments will not be allowed on videos along with likes/dislikes, the community tab, and live streaming. 

Creators should not be punished for Youtube's inability to comply with COPPA. If these changes go into affect, many online toy and gaming communities that thrived on Youtube including My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Disney, and Roblox will no longer be able to exist. 

Youtube, please consider revising these changes. They will have several unintentional consequences that will effect lives and communities of many who have used your platform for years.