Re-instate the YouTube Channel 'Suzy Lu'

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To whom it may concern,

We are writing to you to express our concern in regards to recent events surrounding copyright claims and the eventual termination of the channel 'Suzy Lu'.

These events are quite concerning for members of the YouTube community. The primary reason why these events are concerning to the YouTube community is that the current policies regarding copyright right claims seem too imbalanced in favour of the claimant with very little support and protection being offered to YouTube creators for the defence of their content. From a third-party perspective it appears as though creators are being punished prior to claims being substantiated which appears unfair and unjust not to mention demoralizing for the Creator themselves who can lose years of hard work in a matter of minutes.

For all intents and purposes in this situation the content published appeared in line with current 'fair use' legislation and therefore; should not have resulted in any disciplinary action let alone termination of the account. Bringing me to question just how this decision could have been made to terminate the channel. Additionally, after looking through information on the YouTube help page to understand the current procedures regarding the verification process for claimants I was unable to gain any insights into how the process actually works.

In the interests of the future YouTube community we urge you to reconsider the current policies regarding copyright claims and to please re-instate the channel 'Suzy Lu' in the process. As I must say these recent events have had a detrimental effect on the YouTube community and made many individuals seriously reconsider starting a YouTube channel at all in the process.


Kind regards

The YouTube Community.

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