Let Logan Paul Stay

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Logan Paul positively changes numerous of people life ,just by one vlog. He is truly one of funniest people I ever came across of. 1 year ago I never really care to much for the Paul brother I pretty much thought they were a bunch of idiot's but one day my friend finally persuaded me to watch one of Logan's video , and that video would forever change my life. I don't remember what video I watched I just remember feeling happy and laughing until my stomach hurt not even half way through the video I  liked and subscribed. I think the reason many  people resonate with Logan so well is because many people feel out of place ,lost and try to cover up the peculiarities but Logan he expresses his individuality in everything he does, which encourages us to let our light shine. Recently Logan has posted a video involving a suicide victim and is accused of exploiting the body for his own benefits.Yes the  situation could had been handled better such as a story time but Logan truly seems ashamed of what he did and very apologetic in his video he posted, he has since stop posting any more videos taking time to reflect over his actions. Anyone who truly knows Logan and has watch maybe even one vlog can tell that He never intended to hurt any one in the first place. He later stated that he posted that video to " spread awareness to the public about suicide ". So now people are boycotting and protesting Logan's YouTube channel some are even starting to petition his channel all together. So now it's time for the #logangsters to stand up and fight in case YouTube  does decided to delete his channel. Are we just gonna sit and watch a amazing person like Logan be wiped from existence or are we gonna fight for him. Sometimes mistakes can help a person grow in character, yes I do believe Logan is wrong for what he did yet I don't believe he is a bad person. I believe in peaceful protest , let Martin Luther king Jr be a role model for this cause and show that our goal can be accomplished without violence. We forgive you logan and we won't give up on you ,but no more stunts like this every again please ,thanks

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