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YouTube, LLC: Spend legitimate time investigating an account before suspending it for being flagged multiple times.

Alyssa Bernal aka "hchsknights08" has had her YouTube videos flagged twice causing in an account ban. This is due to YouTube users called "haters" wrongfully pressing the "Flag as inappropriate" button on the video pages simply because they do not like the host. As this button is pressed multiple times on the videos, there is a cap which automatically bans the uploader's account when the cap is reached. Alyssa first uploaded her cover of "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People. This cover was banned as was her account. People may have question if this song was due as a result of copyright restrictions, but what about the hundreds of other covers that were not banned? Next was her original song "Stay," which was written solely by herself and was performed by her and a guitarist. This video was also flagged multiple times ending in a result of her account being banned once again. This is being made solely for Youtube, LLC to put time into investigating an account and it's videos before banning the account users rather than having an automated systems that so called "Haters" can "beat" to have the accounts of others users that they do not appreciate become banned as a result and to restore Alyssa Bernal's account so she can use it freely with less harassment from so called "Haters." This petition is not only for Alyssa, but for all YouTubers who are exposed to so these "abusive" users.

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