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Reinstate unrestricted status on VetRanch YouTube videos

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Since the various news reports of advertisers being represented on YouTube videos containing material which they did not want to be associated with, the company has taken various measures to avoid such situations. One of these was to make some videos unavailable to users browsing in "Restricted" mode.

Regardless of one's opinion on YouTube's actions in the wake of the advertisement situation, it is evident that any such measure will have some channels caught in the crossfire; one of these channels is VetRanch, an educational channel belonging to Matt Carriker that depicts various veterinary procedures done on injured animals. Recently, this channel has gotten its videos restricted (with the exception of one), and no reason has been given to the best of my knowledge. Although I may see why some videos might be restricted due to graphic surgery images, the majority of videos on the VetRanch channel are educational and light-hearted, considering the subject matter of injured animals, as well as something that I, if I were an advertiser, would feel very much pleased to be associated with through advertising. The channel has educated me and many others on the nature of veterinary procedures and the good that these people do on a daily basis, which is an invaluable part of both the YouTube platform and inspiring the next generation of veterinary service providers, many of which will be young kids whose biggest dream might be to "become a vet" one day, but would not have access to the YouTube content that drives this passion.

The money from advertisement on this channel also helps the VetRanch clinic continue to provide services, which is very important considering all the positive interventions they have done on animals, and the impact they've had on the community, ranging from education to motivating kids and teens to pursue a career in the veterinary field, and most importantly giving the animals a second chance at finding a caring, loving home after accidents or abandonment.

In light of this, I believe YouTube should make all non-graphic videos on the VetRanch channel unrestricted, as well as contact Matt Carriker regarding this issue and similar video access-restrictions on his other channels, OffTheRanch and Demolition Ranch.

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