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By removing video responses from YouTube it will chip away at the community aspect. Smaller channels will certainly eventually drie up, and all that will remain is the larger "cash cow" channels.

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Many years ago YouTube began as a community. A place where people could post and share videos that expressed their opinions and thoughts. The site itself encouraged a sense of community. Over time, however, it would appear that YouTube has begun to abandon the community aspect in the favor of a model that gets the most dollars in their pocket. It is apparent with the constant site re-design (which seems to favor content that is "partnered" over those producers that are just trying to get their content noticed).

One of the primary ways smaller channels get noticed and "a voice" is through video responses. The removal of video responses is a slap in the face of "the small guys". Those channels with fewer than one thousand subs will certainly begin to fizzle and die out. We beg you on the behalf of YouTube users everywhere to keep the community spirit alive. Keep Video Responses.

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