get Brooke Houts’ YouTube channel removed following video of her abusing doberman

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On wednesday, famed youtuber Brooke Houts accidentally leaked a video of her repeatedly hitting, spitting and shoving her Doberman. The YouTube star has over 340,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, making her a very popular and famed youtuber whose dog often appears in videos of her daily life, however following the release of a video where she attempts to execute the famed challenge of pranking her dog with cellophane, she accidentally uploaded the full uncut version that features abusive and unacceptable behavior towards her pet, such as spitting on him, hitting him in an incredibly aggressive way when he jumps up on her and shoving him, in the video one can also hear her shouting at the dog and doing god knows what to him off camera. Naturally, as the owner of a dog myself I was appalled by this behaviour, especially from an entertainer who has extensive influence over a platform that is notoriously utilized by a largely young and easily influenced audience. Since then she has come out and denied animal abuse however the evidence is clear and available for anyone to view as we all know that video footage is undeniably one of, if not  the most reliable of sources. The trend of youtubers featuring their pets in videos has been an ever-increasing trend in recent years, and the difference between those who choose to share the close bond they have with a pet with their followers in a wholesome way and those who utilize animals to push their agendas of gaining influence and money from the platform can be difficult to distinguish, therefore I have started this petition to raise awareness, especially regarding those with a large media influence that animals should be respected and treated with unconditional love and not used as pawns to increase follower momentum and financial gain, especially if this involves mistreatment going as far as physical abuse behind the scenes. 

Love to all, let’s keep using this wonderful platform to make the world an ever-better place.

the video itself was taken down but this is a clip of what happened: