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Shay's YouTube Channel was a source of entertainment for many. Often referred to as a reactor or "reactionist", not only did he strive to make his audience laugh, but he also shared his own thoughts and gave insight to the content he was viewing. In 6 months he accumulated over 5k subscribers and just under 1 million views!

On Tuesday 22nd December 2015 (coincidently the same date for his Grandmother's 18 year anniversary for her passing) it was suspended for 6 months by YouTube because of 'multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content or other Terms of Service violations'.

After analysing the situation, I immediately contacted the owner of the video which I reacted to that was flagged in hopes of resolving this issue sooner, rather than later. Assuming the owner had flagged my video before actually asking, they replied, 'I've checked every single copyright claim we have filed, and absolutely none have targeted your channel/videos. We wouldn't even submit copyright claims against reaction videos; we never have. The only time we file claims is if videos have been lifted entirely and simply re-uploaded/with new titles. I have sent a note to to confirm we do not agree with the action taken.'

This means a random viewer from out of the blue didn't like my video or didn't agree with what I had to say and went out of their way to flag my video. Prior to this my account was in good standing and I had zero copyright strikes on my channel. I then followed the steps and filled out an appeal form only to receive an email from YouTube moments later, 'Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.' I understand this is an automated system that filters out the bad channels but what about those who genuinely did nothing wrong? It's pretty much impossible for anyone to get in contact with YouTube directly unless you're a "Big YouTube Sensation" especially after getting such an email, which has resulted in starting my own petition.

I like to keep my videos as light hearted as possible because my main focus is making my audience smile.  It's extremely rare that a video I react to rubs off on me the wrong way, even with the particular video that was flagged. It included my own personal opinion on several characters in the WWE industry. Whether it came across as "hate" or not, I was reacting to fictional characters. I have the right to express how I feel. Also, the use of profanity throughout my videos is never too far, but how does that separate myself from big YouTubers? I can name 10 right off the bat. I don't promote violence nor aim hate towards anyone. Note; that if someone uses the same name inside and outside of entertainment, it doesn't mean they're being judged/hated on personally, but by the character that is perpetrated when the camera is rolling.  Also, the titles, tags and thumbnails used are consistently relative to the content I upload.

This channel has played a huge part in my life in a short period of 6 months. I have spent countless hours brainstorming ideas, recording and editing my videos. It's hard to accept that all my hard work can be taken away because of one person who didn't like what they saw in one video. The people I've met along the way have motivated me and helped me grow as a person. I am grateful for everyone who's supported me thus far and who continue to support me because you guys keep me going every single day.

This is a petition for YouTube to change their decision and start an investigation to who flagged the video and if they were even real accounts.

Please sign this petition whether you are a supporter or not and help me get back to what I enjoy doing. Ka pai!

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