Fix YouTube's strict and unfair community guidelines that falsely suspended my channel

Fix YouTube's strict and unfair community guidelines that falsely suspended my channel

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Christian Willis started this petition to YouTube

My YouTube channel Vester710 was suspended one morning out of the blue on Dec. 4th. My channel is nothing big I had it for almost 10 years and always used as my main account on the platform. So it was a big deal for me even if I don't plan on making any videos.

I've checked the message from gmail for reasons why it happened and saw it stated I was suspended due to spam, scams, or commercially deceptive content. The problem here is how broad and unclear this is as I wasn't explained in detail what exactly I violated. I was only left with one option which was to appeal.

So I did, trying to ask why this happened and explained that I would like a second chance as to get it reinstated since I was never warned once about which policy they state I 'repeatedly' or 'severely' violated which they're not specifically mentioning about. But after I submitted the appeal only an hour afterwards it gets rejected and they stated that they decided to still keep my channel suspended. Only to be told by an automated message not to reply as a second appeal won't be processed.

There was no one from YouTube whom I could contact or speak with about this issue. I even tried calling Google phone support and the lady over the phone said how there's no way for her to even get a hold of anyone from YouTube's staff. So my only option then was making a Google thread to ask there. A few days later after my post, I only then get one reply from some expert called gbcali whom posted a screenshot of what the expert thought was the issue.

When I saw the picture, it turns out to be a social link from my YouTube channel that now appears as deceptive only because now it's a dead webpage. This was after the link to it's main site called Raptr was shutting down back in 2017 which I was unaware about when this happened.

I've tried explaining this with my own screenshots and evidence to the expert, but I've yet to still get another reply. I even made a new Twitter account just to contact TeamYouTube, however, still no response from them after weeks of waiting.

Raptr officially was a social gaming website used for game-tracking and communicating with friends as a cross platform from other PC games. The time when I had the link on there was around the time I was most active on my channel making gameplay videos and playing on my computer.

That was years ago around the time before Google had even owned YouTube and before Raptr had shut down. So I'm sure you can imagine how long that was and all the things I used to enjoy doing on my channel from childhood up to now. All now gone just because of an assumption from their review staff of something they thought was deceptive either from them, a flagger, or a bot without hearing from both sides of the story and letting the user explain or at least give a warning.

However, let's just say they were right and I did broke a rule. Was my actions so severe that it deserves for me to be permanently banned for life off the platform? They could've even temporarily ban me, but instead, I'm now told I can't even create a new channel or go on a different user account or else they'll suspend that too.

How cruel and immoral do they have to be to act as if some government where I'm not allowed to even at least own or have an account just for watching and interacting with my favorite videos? I felt a huge portion of my life and memories off my channel is now gone because of this.

I have now lost all respect for the platform as I wake up every morning to check more threads from users who also recently got banned for the similar broad reasons as mines and how they found little to no support aside from maybe a few trusted flaggers who themselves can't even reach YouTube for reasons why the user was terminated.

Then I had checked more threads and even found articles of how there's false terminations such as how hundreds of Markiplier's fans was suspended over spamming emoji's in his livestream

Nowadays, the more technology advances, the lazier their staff has become to replace humans moderators with bots that falsely ban users. And even then when a human overlooks it, they don't even bother to accurately check it out.

YouTube as I remembered 10 or 15 years ago was great at the time because of how open and free the platform was. Where it originated from their vision for users to express themselves when it was first founded by PayPal employees. But ever since Google took over, it had ruined the platform. Look at where it once was and what it's now become?

Now after YouTube had been sued from complaints from parents over violating kids privacy, COPPA will be coming and there's gonna be a lot of changes by the FTC and censorship from the decisions by the CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Which means now users are panicking more than ever to do just about anything. Even videos from animation, gaming, and history is affected by this globally. It's a big impact for all of us that uses the video site every day for entertainment as it's gonna change the way YouTube used to be. Gone are the days where we had much freedom on the internet. Now where content creators fear of getting sued, or where certain videos or comments start getting hidden and censored over what they think and assume it is such as hate speech or content that's not kid-friendly.

I know that's on another story but it all relates and goes back to how strict YouTube is becoming where channels are even being terminated just for simply posting their channel or video link to another user's video. That used to be a harmless way to share with other friends and users before social media giants like Facebook and Twitter were as big as they are now. Why are we now not even allowed to do that and then get banned without any warning?

I even read from one user from a Google thread support of how his channel got suspended off from a 7 year old poker video just because it had links to a casino website for coupons. Now while their community guidelines may have had this ruling for gambling, I'm sure he could've been warned as well since he also was made unaware of the policy being the fact that the policy was probably updated and changed many years after the video during the time he had his channel for 10 years yet now only to get banned out of the blue with no way of coming back. He even provided all the evidence in his post on the thread of how the review staff barely checked his appeal only to be bashed and criticized by other small experts who just follows by Youtube's broken policies as if they have no mind of their own.

I'm just very disgusted with the way YouTube is becoming. It was part of the reasons why I had given up on making videos or doing much of anything in the first place to avoid any drama over anything like copyrights and still keep my channel, but it's ironic now knowing you can be just about terminated for any reason based on their broad community guideline reasons even if you don't make videos. Only to then be ignored after you've submitted your first appeal and deal with automated responses.

That was my fear of the site back then knowing how everything you ever did on the site now gone and lost including your favorite subscribers or favorite videos from other creators. But back then, at least you got to make another channel. But now since it's all tied to a Google account, they even go far as to not only ban a user's channel, but to even disable their Gmail or Google account. Google is locking users up on their own ecosystem. Then they abuse their privacy by using systems to track down their usages such as their other Google products like AdSense or their IP address or even MAC address just in case they were on other accounts in the future.

It's just scary and sickening knowing this and I don't like how they do business as they're now hurting more consumers as they consume so much power and control to act like some dictatorship. 

That's why I have decided to make my first ever petition here for this cause: To stop and save YouTube from their abusive community guidelines policies from permanently banning user's channels like mines over small things that could've easily been fixed had they been more aware. And to change the way they enforce their policies so users can still get second chances on their appeals against biased accusations.

And even if a user did broke a rule and was accurately banned, that shouldn't mean they aren't allowed at all to be back on the platform. There's barely any popular alternatives like YouTube yet every year Google acts like they own everything and it ruins the platform more and more until eventually everyone would have no choice but to boycott the platform. However, it's hard trying to move on or away knowing how big Google is. But when that moment or day does happen, I hope to see a new light in this for a better site like the good old YouTube that we all used to know back then.

So if you agree or were ever affected by YouTube's community guidelines but never really broken any rules or was never given a strike only to have your appeals declined then sign this petition if you believe in a better, fair, less strict guidelines that doesn't permanently ban innocent accounts with a more humanized support from YouTube and their staff on appeals.

If you'd like to support and help me get my channel back, it would be great to get a lot of feedback, comments, and upvotes on the threads I've been posting on in hopes of gaining the attention I need for a YouTube staff or a trusted flagger to help escalate my case and review my suspension more accurately for one more fair chance since I had already wasted my first appeal trying to ask the reasons why instead of disputing since I didn't know at the time.

I've went and added the main links to the thread posts below as references.


Google thread: Link

Twitter post to TeamYouTube: Link

Here is my Reddit post link if you'd like to support me there also.

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