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"The Bat Comune" Is a cyber-army of people in YouTube and DiscordApp that bully map animators or the so-called "mappers" in the way of BREAKING YouTube and DiscordApp's Terms Of Service (Reporting videos that are onlt for peoples entertainment and these videos get removed,Spamming in DiscordApp servers etc) And NEED to be stopped because of the before said reasons. So what happens if this petition gets accepted?

A lot of "mappers" will find of YouTube a safer place to upload and DiscordApp a safer way to interact with other "mappers"

So what happens if this petition doesnt get accepted?

The "mappers" will practically never find a safe place to upload and interact with others

The reason i, a "mapper" do this petition is because it was ENOUGH of reporting the "BAT MAPPING(members of the said the bat commune) accounts and not seeing them canceled,they are BULLIES and need to STOP.

Oh and they also are nazis(as heard on discord)