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There have been people among the youtube vlogging community speaking out about how detrimental toy channels are to children, which most of them don't even have children, so you know they care since they took the time to say anything about it at all. Some parents including myself have also taken notice of this early on, but many parents don't care because allowing their children to play on their smart phones and tablets is an easy way to ignore their kids, instead of disciplining them for misbehavior and actually teaching them anything of value. Capitalist brainwashing is "educational," these youtubers who lie about being family friendly threw that label on so people wouldn't realize they're exploiting kids for their own corporate gain, and youtube helped give them a format to do it.
As much as I like youtube for actual vloggers, and informative tutorials and stuff, this is out of control. 
YT kids still is NOT an acceptable form of filtering inappropriate videos for your kids, this is youtube's failed attempt at censoring inappropriate children's videos. These creeps who make these subliminal videos are still making millions off of parents not paying attention to what their kids watch, and it's understandable why youtube didn't want to censor them entirely because they probably get a lot of money from the views they pull in too. The problem though lies in the fact that with youtube, as opposed to other media outlets that offer child friendly content, is anyone can make a youtube video, but it doesn't mean they should. Listen up and start paying attention to what your kids are watching, my kid tries to tell me I'm a bad mom because I won't let her use youtube at all, but other kids can, it's a f*cked up mob mentality parents are singlehandedly to blame for creating, and it's a serious problem that only these parents can fix.
If you or your family members have small kids that are allowed access to youtube in any form, take it away, I'm serious. If they're not your kids, enlighten their parents on what is happening.
The solutions they're trying to make for this issue clearly aren't working, the minds of toddlers and small kids are being warped by this constantly, this is really sad.
Youtube has many great aspects, and channels, and it's a shame to think this issue could get their site shut down entirely if it continued to grow more out of hand, I would hate to lose access to youtubers I love watching who make worthwhile and informative content.
Especially when the easiest solution for youtube to take would be to shut down and remove all Toy Channels period, and explain to the public that youtube is an adult/teen video networking site that children should not be using anyways, and should've never been using.
If you don't want to restrict your child's access to technology entirely, you can download the Netflix app, and give your kids their own children's account, Cartoon Network has a free app with shows on it too, I'm not sure if Hulu has an option to make an account for your kids but it still probably has better content than these youtube channels brainwashing our youth.
There's also abcmouse, and pbskids apps, and more, there is and has been other options for child friendly and educational content than youtube.
End this.

(ATTN: watch first)
Distraught Parent bringing attention to YT kids app:
I sincerely want to thank this woman for making this video which inspired me to make this petition at all, it's really emotional but it made me feel less alone on this issue as a parent.

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A friend of mine who doesn't have kids downloaded the app just to check out how bad the content is, and if I can attach some of her screenshots that she found within just a few seconds of using the app, I will, just so you guys can see how unsafe for kids YT kids really is.
Oh yeah, and here ya go.

You can contact YouTube at the address below.

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066

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