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Delete YouTube vids that teach how to fight and abuse Pitbulls.

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This is important because the focus is on the wrong subject i.e. pit bulls. The focus should be on negligent owners. They are the only animal on Earth that has been more abused than any other animal on this planet. There is no other animal on Earth that suffers more abuse, neglect and pain at the hands of man.

There is an estimated 30,000 bites a year caused by Pitbulls...there is an estimated 3 million pitbulls in the Unites States. That is only 1% of their population. In comparison to the 16,000 bites a year caused by Labradores, there is an estimated 200,000 Labradors in the United States and that is 10% of their population.

There is an estimated 2/3 of pitbulls who are not living in a safe and loving home. Of all the dogs in shelters, pitbulls account for 58% of them. 75% of shelters euthanize pitbulls without ever giving them a chance to be adopted.

Only 1 in 600 pitbulls in shelters will not have a forever home. 599 of them will die, and 30% of pitbulls entering shelters are victims of neglect and abuse caused by THEIR OWNERS.

After all the abuse; all the suffering; all the neglect; all the pain...pitbulls are more capable of giving love after all they have been through. They are more capable of love then most people.

We do not need BSL (breed specific legislation), we need a legion of informed people to step up on behalf of these amazing animals and offer an intelligent defense. We need truthful real laws and good safe legislation with a focus on reckless owners.

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